Access Facebook with a VPN from any country

Evade regional bans, access restricted content, and keep your personal data safe.

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How to Set Up a VPN for Facebook Securely?

It’s easy to set up a VPN for Facebook in 3 steps:



and subscribe to PureVPN



to a server in a chosen location


All Set

Facebook is now unlocked!

Why Use a Facebook VPN?

It becomes very difficult to stay in touch with the people you like and things you love. During social media blackouts, users who do not have PureVPN cannot access Facebook.

Get PureVPN Full Access. Cancel Anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about how a Facebook VPN works and how you can access it from anywhere? Here are answers to some of the most popular queries.

How does a VPN help in accessing Facebook?

Restrictions on Facebook are implemented on regional level only. When you connect to PureVPN, you can change your location to any other region where Facebook is not restricted. This allows you to regain your access to the social media platform.

Why can’t I access Facebook?

There may be multiple reasons why you are unable to access Facebook. Chances are that Facebook has been restricted in your region. To access Facebook again, get PureVPN and change your location to the US.

Can I access Facebook from anywhere?

With PureVPN, you can access Facebook from anywhere, even in locations where the social media platform has been restricted for access.

Can I Access Facebook at school?

Most schools and some organizations limit access to Facebook on their network. They do so to save on their bandwidth and keep people from wasting their time on social media. If you are unable to access Facebook at your school, get PureVPN on your device and connect to it. Once connected, you will be able to access Facebook rightaway.

How else does a VPN help me use Facebook?

A VPN makes you completely anonymous online. It keeps your personal data and your location completely safe, and leaves behind no digital footprint of your digital activities. This makes it almost impossible for any hacker or malicious individual to steal your digital identity or hack your devices.

What other sites can I access with a VPN?

Any service/website which is restricted in any location can be instantly accessed with PureVPN. It does not matter where you are located or what service you want to access. With PureVPN on your device, there is nothing out of your reach.

Can I Access Facebook Messenger from anywhere?

Facebook Messenger is not available in all the countries and regions where Facebook is restricted. To access Messenger in regions where it is restricted, connect to PureVPN and select a US server. Once connected, you can access Messenger and chat with your friends easily.

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