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One of the most important objectives of Virtual Private Network commonly known as VPN is to maintain secrecy and confidentiality. These two features not just help you in transferring private data, but also bring in security of information. VPN provides you with an opportunity to hide your IP, something that differentiates it from internet, LAN, WAN etc.

Unlike VPN, other networks disclose your IP addresses which makes it easier for any third party to access your information, something which may be a big threat for any individual as well as organization. Therefore, with the help of VPN, you can easily hide your IP address to make the information exchange more secure and to completely eliminate the threat of data theft.

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Why Hide Your IP?

The need to hide your IP is as similar as the need to create a Virtual Private Network. As VPN brings in the advantage of securing your data transfer throughout your personal and business transaction, hiding your IP brings in even greater advantage of actually hiding almost any possibility of illegal data access.

VPN masks your IP address to one of its own IP addresses while encrypting the data. Thus, you can easily access the Internet while staying anonymous and most importantly no one will be able to see your real IP address. Moreover, VPN is far more secure than any other solution offered for hiding the IP addresses and usually has no speed, security issues at all.

Hide Your IP

To hide your IP you need 100% anonymous and elite VPN Service to do this. Not just this, if your IP address is blocked by a particular website, you can easily unblock it via connecting through VPN. The goal of hiding your IP address can be easily achieved by just connecting to a quality VPN like PureVPN.

PureVPN brings you the service through which hiding your IP on your internet becomes very simple. You can easily guarantee cent percent security of information that is being transferred from your VPN onto the internet just by connecting through VPN.

PureVPN brings you the added opportunity of maintaining your data confidentiality to greatest possible level. With few simple clicks from your system, you can have access to a very secure network for you and your business partners. So hurry up and book your orders now!

Benefits of VPN

» Organizations can make use of VPN by taking advantage of already established public network instead of giving rent for the network infrastructure which saves their cost.

» The cost of maintenance is also less for the organizations as they use third party for this which can provide these services effectively because of having economies of scale.

» They need not to make a complete infrastructure for their setup and uses public network which saves their costs.

» VPN is easier and much safer to use for the customer.

» VPN can also be used with WIFI technology which is more secure and is an easy way for the organizations to communicate both from inside as well as outside office.

» VPN having internet can be helpful for organization as it can have a wider reach to international and inaccessible regions.

» Usage of VPN is beneficial as it is more secure and provides complete data protection.

» VPN provides mode of communication for long distances by offering a secure network.

» The greatest benefit of using VPN is using the already established networks without sacrificing reliability, accuracy, speed, functionality and security.

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Why PureVPN

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hide my ip

Online Privacy

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VPN Security

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Supported Devices

Personal Computer
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Windows VPN (Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7)
Linux VPN (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu)
Mac VPN (OS X)