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Why Should You Join our VPN Affiliate Network?


Prize for Top VPN Affiliates:

As rewarding as complete internet freedom is for internet users, we make sure that our affiliates are not only rewarded with the best commission structure, but also with something else to sweeten the deal. To do this, we regularly announce prizes for our top performing affiliates, so they can look forward to something extra for going an extra mile for us. As of now, the prize for top performing affiliates is a brand-spanking new iPhone X!

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On-Time Affiliate Payout:

There are no delays in payment when you work with PureVPN. We value our relationship and the affiliate partnership we have with you. We know that you have worked hard to earn an income for yourself and we make sure that you are paid on time, every time! After all, the only money worth having is the money you have when you need it the most!

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Advanced Affiliate Control Panel:

From your dedicated affiliate links to banners, landing pages and graphics; from tracking sales to keeping an eye on your revenue and everything else in between; the advanced affiliate control panel has it all. We employ the latest technology to give you a cutting-edge solution to monitor your sales, commissions, & progress and have custom tools to help you generate reports of your performance.

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Affiliate Notifications & Multiple Payout Methods:

PureVPN helps you be at the top of your game with our custom notification system. Whether it’s a global sale event or a campaign we are planning; you’ll get the notification beforehand so you can make the most of it. Besides, we offer multiple affiliate payout methods to make sure that the return on your efforts reaches you via the method you are comfortable with.

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Who Can Join our VPN CPA Program & VPN Affiliate Network?


Review Sites

Turn your review site into an ATM machine by joining our high paying VPN affiliate program.



Make your content earn hard cash for you with our best VPN affiliate program for publishers.



Your passion for blogging can easily turn into a living, only if you join our VPN affiliate network.



Get paid to make videos. Not only can you earn from ads but also by becoming our VPN affiliate.


Coupon Sites

Get more traffic, diversify your audience and earn while doing it all by joining our affiliate program.



Come to think of it, anyone with the passion to earn can make it rain cash by becoming our affiliate.

We Celebrate Holiday Season with Rewards for Everyone!

Christmas and New Year are the most profitable events of the year for our affiliates. Both events are popular shopping festivals renowned for massive increase in overall sales. PureVPN is proud of the fact that our affiliate partners earn in excess of thousands of dollars during the popular shopping festivals.

Last year, our affiliates received $100,000 in extra commissions for sales made during Christmas and New Year. This is one of the highest commission payouts by any VPN provider to its affiliates during a campaign. Moving forward, PureVPN is also giving away huge rewards to its affiliates this year, which are based on high performances during the holiday season.


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