Find cheap flights to anywhere

How To Find Cheap Flights To Anywhere?

Are you planning a vacation to anywhere? Traveling is one of the most exotic experiences in life. Through traveling, we get to experience the rich culture of different countries, picturesque scenarios, and memorable interactions which make for some wonderful stories you can share with your children and their generations to come.

But, traveling doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly experience.

If you agree with this statement, then you’re in for a treat! Because we have over here a guide which will help you in finding cheap flights to the destination of your choice! We’ll explain some awesome hacks which will help you travel without breaking your bank.

Quick Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Here are some of the best solutions that can help you book airline tickets at cheap rates.

  • Best Time to Buy Airplane Tickets
    The best time to buy airline tickets is to purchase them in advance. The earlier you purchase the ticket, the lower the price would be. A study from reveals that the best time to buy a plane ticket is 54 days before the flight. This is when the flight ticket would be the cheapest. Some even suggest that you purchase Airline tickets on Tuesday because they are the cheapest at the time.

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  • Clear Your Cookies
    Because airlines depend on cookies to detect if you’re searching for the same query multiple times, it is best if you clear your cookies every once in a while so you don’t find yourself victim to increased flight rates.

    Learn How to Delete Cookies Automatically at Browser Exit?

  • Access International Versions of Websites
    Prices differ depending on the origin of the website you’re using. You can browse through alternative versions of the website, like for UK, or .fr for France. However, this may not reduce the price of the tickets because the website will detect your IP address and redirect you to your local website.
  • Use VPN
    Sometimes, clearing your cookies won’t help in reducing the prices of your flight tickets. This is because airline companies rely on other data as well (your IP address, etc) to see if you’re repeating your query. Using a VPN is the best way to find cheap flights as you can change your IP address to another location, fooling the website into believing that you’re a different customer.
    A VPN also allows you to search for locations where the airline ticket is the cheapest. For example, you may find that the ticket is cheaper for residents of the US than for, let’s say, residents of the UK.

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How We Saved $800+ on Flight Tickets Using PureVPN

The following is a case study of how a particular someone used PureVPN to save money on flight tickets.

Here’s a quick look at the steps that the user took to save $800+ on flights:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN and download the application for your desired device
  2. Open the browser in Incognito mode
  3. Open your desired flight booking website
  4. Enter the flight details and check the prices
  5. Open PureVPN app and connect to a server in any country
  6. Repeat step 2, 3 and 4 to compare flight prices again
  7. Book the cheapest flight to anywhere.


Mike is in Paris, France. He’s going to Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) on 1st Dec 2017, and on December 5th he would be flying to Perth, Australia (PER). To avoid the hassle of price fluctuation he is trying to book the flight in advance.

He looked up the most sought website skyscraper for cheap tickets to Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) and couldn’t find much difference even by changing the versions of the website. The price is more or less same. While on French version of the website he gets the best price for €620 equivalent to US$723.

find cheap flights anywhere

After changing the website version to Canada, he gets the best price for C$917 equivalent to US$723. Same as before.

find cheap flights anywhere

Mike, while in France, is booking a ticket in advance for his flight from Arizona (PHX) to Australia (PER). He opened the French version of website, Expedia. Next, he searched for flights from Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) to Perth, Australia (PER), from December 05, 2017 to December 20th, 2017, and found a flight for €1,738.57 equivalent of US$2027.95.

find cheap flights anywhere

Now, he changed his virtual identity by connecting to PureVPN’s server in the US and performed the same search. Do note here that the airline, times, and dates are the same to show a 1-to-1 comparison.

find cheap flights anywhere

Changing in IP address to the US, he was quoted US$1170.06. By merely switching server locations using PureVPN, he found the same flight priced at US$857.89 less than his original search amount. That’s 42% in savings! All because he booked the flight from the US rather than from Paris. Please note that searching from the US will not necessarily guarantee you a better price because of different dates and occasions, however it’s always worth a try!

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How People Around The Globe Found Cheap Flights with a VPN?

Because this method of reducing flight prices wasn’t new, we knew that seasonal travelers are aware of this hack and use it whenever they travel from one place to another. We, therefore, contacted these people and asked them if they could share their experiences of reducing flight prices with us.

One of our PureVPN user was also successful in saving around $400 on his tickets.

Rachel Hill runs a travel blog named, RachelTravels. How she finds the cheap flight to anywhere?

“I love the ‘hack’ of using a VPN. While planning my trip to Colombia, at the last minute, I wanted a ticket to another city outside of Bogota. I used a VPN to hide my location (USA) to say that I was in Colombia, then changed the currency to the Colombian Peso. My flight was $50 cheaper than if I would have booked it with the VPN!”

Noni May is a digital nomad and runs her travel blog named, Nonimay. We asked how she finds the cheap flight to anywhere.

“I’m traveling all the time! I HAVE to use a VPN in order to purchase my flights because prices also change when you book from different countries (same flights).”

Gregory Rzeczko is the founder of SkySurf.Travel, we asked how he finds cheap flights.

“Use cases have shown that using VPN, incognito mode, and a mobile phone is an optimal way to purchase flight tickets.

If you are familiar with the term price steering, e-commerce websites may steer users to pay more for an item than it’s actually worth.

When purchasing flights, make sure to:

1. Search with incognito mode on. Air tickets sites track your search history, and it’s possible that if you keep searching for the same ticket, the price may go up.  This is done on purpose to scare customers into purchasing the tickets before the price goes up even more.

2. Use a mobile phone when purchasing flight tickets. Many sites seems to offer more favorable deals to iPhones and Android phones than to laptop and desktop machines.

3. Turn on VPN when searching for flights. A factor that can also alter prices you are offered is your location. One problem with searching for flight tickets with VPN turned on, is that there may be a requirement to purchase a ticket from certain countries. So if a requirement of the ticket is that you have to live in a certain country, you’ll either have to turn VPN off or search other sites.  There are certain use cases where I’ve turned on my VPN (I live in the U.S., and my IP was Canadian), I saw a price drop of about $50-$100 USD for flights on Kayak. So yes, turning on your VPN can save you money on flights.”

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How Travel Companies Know Your Location

It’s challenging to find the best deals before you start traveling. There are comparison websites across the web, but these save not more than a buck or two while you travel.

In fact, the longer you surf on these websites, the higher the prices go! This is because of a tactic employed by airline companies to cause a panicky situation among potential customers so they purchase the flight tickets in a hurry.

Read more about: How to Prevent Online Scams When Planning a Vacation

Most traveling websites employ ways to track your location and your browsing activities so they can increase their demand rates wherever possible.

These are the ways through which websites can determine your exact location:

  • Your IP Address: An IP address is a unique “address” which informs websites of your exact location.
  • Cookies: Cookies personalize your browsing experience by tracking and storing some of your browsing activities. Travel websites use information from cookies to know when you’re doing flight searches for the same query and increase the flight’s price.
  • GPS on handheld devices: Websites can even read your device’s GPS to see where you are located, and then use that information to determine which pricing to offer.
  • Wi-Fi: When you browse through Wi-Fi, websites are able to track your location once you give them permission.
  • Geo-location coding on websites: With HTML5 coding, websites track your location through your personal computer.

Travel companies use the point-of-sale, chosen payment currency and your location to determine which price quote you are to be given for your tickets. This is exactly why you may end up paying more than someone who’s in a different part of the world using a different currency, even if you’re booking the exact same flight at the exact same fate for the same airline.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN When Booking Flights?

In the above example, we saw flights of United Express. However, there’s nothing in United Express’s contract of carriage against using a VPN. However, some specific websites want you must have a physical address in the same country you are booking from.

Cheap Flights Deal Comparison Websites

Where to find cheap flights? People usually stay on the lookout for deal comparison websites when it comes to traveling. Here’s a quick list of deals comparison websites.

  • Farecompare
  • Kayak
  • Skyscanner
  • cTrip

Making Payments With Virtual Prepaid Cards

A virtual prepaid card is a rechargeable payment card that’s powered by either MasterCard or Visa. These cards have the same functionality as physical cards, but unlike them, they can only be used for phone orders and online purchases. Here are a few benefits of using virtual prepaid cards:

  1. A virtual 16-digit card number is generated for each purchase.
  2. Overcome the issue of physical address when shopping online.
  3. Top up easily using methods like wire transfers, depending on the service of course.
  4. Users can set the maximum charge limit for their virtual cards.
  5. Lower to no card fees or annual fees.

Virtual Prepaid Card Providers

The following are some virtual prepaid card providers you’ll find online:

  1. USUnlocked
  2. Neteller
  3. ecoPayz
  4. mycard2go
  5. Ok Pay

Note: PureVPN can’t vouch or guarantee about these services as we haven’t tried them.

When you’re choosing a virtual prepaid card provider, make sure that you take a close look at their privacy policy, terms and conditions, charge rates, exchange rates, and any other fees. Plus, it’s always a good idea to read some reviews of a provider before signing up for their service. 


How to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world? It really comes down to different tips people follow to buy cheap flights. Using a VPN is one of many tips we have shown, and PureVPN is the best travel companion that gives you more than 141 countries to connect to while providing the best enterprise-level security on the go.

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