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How to Change Netflix Region to US or Any Country

Netflix is all about entertainment. If you like to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries or any other entertainment-based video content, chances are that you already have a Netflix subscription. However, it’s important to understand that even if you have subscribed to Netflix, and even though you may be paying almost the same fee as other users of Netflix worldwide, you may not be getting access to all the content. This is why it’s important to change your Netflix region.

How to Change Your Netflix Region

Netflix US has the best content, we have already established that, but what if a Netflix user is interested in content from a specific region? Imagine that you have to move to Spain next year, so you plan on learning Español before you go. A good way to do this is to watch content that is preferably produced in or is at least dubbed in Español.

One way to do this is to specifically search for content that has been produced for the Spanish market. But the easier way to do so would be to change your virtual location to Spain with PureVPN.

Just connect to PureVPN, and select Spain as your preferred server. Once the connection is made successfully, your device will be assigned a new pseudo IP address, one that is based in Spain. This enables you to trick the Netflix server into believing that you are actually located in Spain, and offer you content suggestions on your home feed that is produced and targeted for Spain. With this simple trick, you can access Netflix’s unavailable movies and TV shows instantly.

Here is a step by step guide for doing just that.

  1. Sign up for PureVPN
  2. Get PureVPN for your device
  3. Log in with your user name and password
  4. Hit connect and select Netflix US from Popular websites
  5. Congrats! Your region is changed to US Netflix. Enjoy streaming!

Every Country Has Its Own Library

Content on Netflix varies according to regions. A TV show which is available in the US might be not available in Europe. An example is of Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal. It is a very popular show in the US but is unavailable for access on Netflix in Europe.

The first country where Netflix debuted its streaming service was the US. After that, it moved to the UK and Canada, and then it moved on to other countries. Each country has its own content library, and naturally, the content varies with each country.

Netflix US Has the Best Content

Netflix US Library

Obviously, Netflix’s US library is the best when it comes to providing the best content. There are two reasons why Netflix US is so good at providing diverse binge-watching options.

For starters, Netflix US was the first content library that was established by Netflix, so naturally, it has more content. Secondly, the US has the most lenient broadcast laws that enable content producers to visualize on topics that are deemed controversial in many other regions. Consequently, such content gets banned in most regions but remains available in Netflix US library.

If you are a hardcore streamer who is looking for Netflix unavailable movies and TV shows, then Netflix US should be your go-to content library.

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A VPN Can Set You Free

The only thing between you and Netflix US, which is keeping you from accessing Netflix content from other countries and regions, is your IP address, which ties you to your physical location. When you connect to PureVPN, you can enjoy the ultimate freedom there is in becoming a citizen of the global village.

There is a lot more than a VPN can do for you. Apart from providing you access to everything you want to do online but are unable to do so because of regional limitations, it will also keep you safe from all the cyber threats that everyone faces online.

A VPN user remains safe from all cyber attacks, hacks, malware, viruses, intrusion, data theft, identity theft, and mass surveillance. The moment a user connects to PureVPN, their online activity becomes completely invisible to everyone. With PureVPN, users can enjoy the ultimate freedom of access that they rightfully deserve.

Access US Netflix

PureVPN – Streamers Top Choice

Streamers around the world love PureVPN for the convenience it adds to their binge-watching. It has more than 2,000 servers located across the globe, each optimized for streaming and security purposes. Unlike other VPNs that slow down your internet and annoy you with constant buffering while you try to stream a video, PureVPN gives a flawlessly smooth streaming experience.

How to change Netflix region on PlayStation 4

If you have a PS4 that you use for your streaming needs, you can use it to access Netflix US via PureVPN too. All you need is a Windows or Mac PC. Here is a step by step guide on how to change Netflix region on PS4.

  1. Install PureVPN on your PC
  2. Connect to PureVPN using your username and password
  3. Select your mode as Streaming
  4. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot (for Windows) or an ICS (for Mac)
  5. Connect your PS4 to the new WiFi network you have just created
  6. Access Netflix from PS4
  7. Enjoy streaming Netflix US with PureVPN

How to Change Netflix Country with PureVPN

Change Netflix region with PureVPN

If you are wondering how to switch to American Netflix, the process is very easy. Furthermore, just because there is no option available on Netflix which allows you to change your country, it does not mean that there is something wrong with doing so. When you log in to Netflix, the streaming giant’s servers detect your IP and pinpoint your location. Once your location has been determined, your requests are routed to the servers of your respective region.

With PureVPN, you can mask your original IP in a click. Once you connect to PureVPN, you can choose which country’s server you prefer to route your data from.

Say you are living in the UK and want to access Netflix US. To do this, you will need to connect to the US server of PureVPN. This would assign you a pseudo-IP based in the US and trick Netflix’s servers into believing that you are located in the US.

Same will be the procedure if you want to access Netflix library from any other region. Just connect to the relevant country’s server and the open Netflix. You will be automatically directed to Netflix library of a country where you appear to be located on.

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Why Change Netflix Region with PureVPN Only?

There are many free VPNs in the market. Streamers who are not concerned about the privacy and security of their digital identity and personal data often opt for free VPNs. A free VPN may get you access to limited content, such another country’s Netflix library, but it will expose you to many problems which can ruin your streaming experience.

The problems that are described below occur only when you use a free VPN. This is because a free VPN provides its users shared IPs. The shared IPs get used by hundreds of users around the world at the same time, hence has high chances of getting blacklisted. Every month, streaming services update their servers with fresh lists of blacklisted IPs so that their access to content can be inaccessible.

Another problem is ISP throttling, a bandwidth limitation set by your ISP on your internet connection which reduces the amount of data your internet connection can supply you with. This reduces your streaming speeds, compromises the stream’s quality.

With PureVPN, it’s impossible for any limitation to become a hurdle in your streaming journey. PureVPN makes you completely invisible online, making it impossible for ISPs or any other monitoring authorities to detect your activity and Limits your access.

Netflix Betrayal from r/netflix

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country versions of Netflix are available?

It’s easier to list down the countries where Netflix is not available. That’s Russia, Syria, China and North korea. Apart from that, the streaming service is used by millions of users across the globe.

For every country that it operates in, Netflix has a different range of TV shows and movies for users. This means that the TV shows you can access from the US, (or by connecting to a US server,) will not be accessible when you are outside the US. If one was to list down all the different versions of Netflix libraries, they would be as many as the countries Netflix operates in.  

Does Netflix change depending on where you are?

Based on your IP address, Netflix servers determine your location and route your connection to a relevant server. For instance, if you are in the US and you are accessing Netflix, your IP address will reveal your location and you will be redirected to the Netflix US library automatically. However, when you travel and connect to other networks in other countries, your new IP address will reveal your new location to the Netflix servers, causing your connection to route to the library that’s specific to your current region.

How do you change your Netflix to American version?

Netflix has a different content library for all of the regions it operates in. However, it doesn’t offer any option by default to change your region or country and access content from other regions.

The most trusted, tried, and tested way of changing your Netflix Library to any other region is by using PureVPN. When you connect to PureVPN, you can choose any server in any country to connect to. For instance, if you connect to the Australian server on PureVPN, you will be automatically routed to the Australian library when you visit Netflix.

Changed region but still getting a Netflix proxy error?

Have you ensured that you are connected to PureVPN? Other VPN providers and free proxies do not give you access to Netflix US. This is because they are not totally safe and anonymous, and leak your real identity and location to netflix, which is streamers cant access PureVPN.

If you are connected to PureVPN, and you still cant access it, ensure that you have connected to the right server. The best way to access Netflix US via PureVPN is by selecting “US Netflix” from popular websites when connecting.

Final Word

There are many VPNs available in the market that claim to provide you access to Netflix US or Netflix in other countries. Most of these VPNs are free and make money by selling their users’ personal data, which is extremely unethical and a violation of trust and privacy.

PureVPN is the ultimate advocate for cybersecurity and digital rights. It understands that freedom of access is a basic human right, and equips its users with tools to achieve that freedom. Unlike free VPN services, it values the privacy and security of its users and ensures that their data remains protected and safe from malicious intruders.

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