How to Find Cheap Flights to UK

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Simple Steps to Find


Cheap Flights Finder

Go to a flight finder website and check the airfare to your desired destination

Launch PureVPN

Open the app and connect to your desired location

Compare Airfare

Find cheap flights to UK by comparing the fares from different locations

Important Things

Top Travel Packing-List You Need For THE UK

You may be flying to the UK from Asia, Australia or Africa or any other region. Keep in mind that climate and culture may vary significantly from your home country. Therefore, know what essentialities to pack before you enter the British borders.

  • You may need to pack mix pairs of winter and summer clothing if you are staying there for a year or more.
  • Spending time in British cities require a fair share of walking, you might need a pair of some sensible lightweight shoes.
  • Apart from that, you may also need toiletries like toothbrushes, sunscreen, deodorant, or any other sanity item.
  • In the UK, 222v is used. Therefore, get a travel adapter so you can charge your device safely.
  • You might also need to consider dual voltage electronics like hairdryer, etc.
  • If you are traveling with a partner, it is best to split the luggage so you both have a pair you can use when separated.
  • Get a reusable water bottle which you can use to refill water from regular taps or even water fountains.

Top Airlines You Can Opt for to TRAVEL TO THE UK

There are many international airlines that go to the UK. However, it is the departure and destination points that decide the airline you can fly into.

It is essential to consider the flight timing as well. Some airlines might take up to 40 hours or so depending on the number of stopover destinations. Plus, the waiting duration may add up to the frustration. But if you book a non-stop flight, you can reduce the flight time by a significant margin. For instance, a non-stop flight from Japan to London might take 11 to 14 hours. You should keep these things in mind when looking for cheap flights to UK

How to Access the InternetIN THE UK

When you visit a new country, the first and important thing you need to secure is the means of communication.

  • You may choose to use your original SIM in the UK. However, you would need to double-check the roaming charges first. You can also get a prepaid SIM card if you don’t want to pay hefty roaming charges.
  • You can opt for either EE, Vodafone, O2 or Three if you are opting for a UK SIM. You may get the SIM from the nearest retailers.
  • If you prefer a more inexpensive option, you may look for a free Wi-Fi such as Airport Wi-Fis or the café Wi-Fi in the terminal.

Top 10 Most Populated CITIES IN THE UK

Birmingham might be one of the largest cities in the UK, but it is not the first on the list. In fact, there are over a dozen cities in the UK that can be said as the largest cities because of the population. Check out the top 10 largest cities you can visit in the UK if you love crowded streets.

Greater London London Heathrow Airport _Heathrow Wi-Fi
Birmingham Birmingham International Airport BHMFREEWIFI
Greater Manchester Manchester Airport _FreeWifi
West Yorkshire Leeds Bradford Airport LeedsBradfordAirport_Free_WiFi
Newcastle Newcastle International Airport Free Newcastle Airport WiFi
Glasgow Glasgow Airport Glasgow Airport
Liverpool Liverpool John Lennon Airport Airport Free Wi-Fi
Cardiff Cardiff Airport _AIRPORT WIFI
Sheffield Doncaster Sheffield Airport _AirportWiFi
Edinburgh Edinburgh Airport Edinburgh Airport network

Like we said earlier, you may add the cities to your itinerary if crowded streets and public places don’t put you off.


What is the Most Visited


The United Kingdom is a year-long country to travel. You can fly to the country during summers, winters or any season of the year. The best aspect of the region is that you don’t find any extreme temperatures in the UK as opposed to other countries like the US. For instance, during the summers, the temperature varies from 51 Fahrenheit to 86 Fahrenheit.

Likewise, the further you travel to the north, the colder it gets. Apart from that, if you are looking to enjoy UK-specific festivals, you may try January, April, May, June, July, August, November, and December. During the listed months you can find different festivals like The Royal Regatta, Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Glastonbury Festival, to name a few, also be advised that airfares also increase so either book before or try above mentioned method to get cheap flights to UK

Top 5 Budget Cities to VISIT IN THE UK

You might end up breaking your bank if your budget is limited and you visit places like London, Edinburgh or Oxford. But, if you don’t want to exhaust up all your money but keep it under control, then add budget destinations to your itinerary. The following list presents the most affordable cities in the UK that are as much cheery and scenic as the rest of the UK but offers inexpensive accommodation, meals, transport, etc.

Liverpool UK


It is one of the oldest cities in the UK, dating back to the 12th century. Moreover, it is the city that is named as the Capital City of Pop because of the many singles produced here, including the Beatles and the Pacemakers, to name a few. Regardless, you can find cheap accommodations if you choose to stay in cottages or guesthouses. As far as the meal is concerned, you can find inexpensive snacks at pubs and bars.

Cornwall UK


Cornwall is the best place for travelers looking to surf on the busy beaches. Moreover, travelers with family can also visit the Heartland Amusement Park that offers free ice cream, The Camel Trail, and more. You can also find many reasonably-priced cottages such as the Tideway. And, when it comes to meal, you can find some good menu with each item costing as low as £10.

Bath UK


The City of Bath offers not only low-priced accommodation and meals. Well, you can also find attractive places like museums, theatres, and many other cultural spots. Bath is also popular for its organic food, which is not only healthy but quite delicious. You can have a meal for as low as £10. Lodging is also not a problem with Bath because you can find university residences as well as farm and inns.

Dorset UK


The city has received the Natural World Heritage Site accolade because of its 200 million old shorelines. It is a city best fit for adventurers and beauty lovers. You can also find cheap cottages as well as hotels. Yes, you heard it right. You can find even 4-star hotels for as low as £10 if you are lucky. Moreover, you can enjoy a healthy meal for £5.75.

Belfast UK


The city is home to a multitude of production houses such as tobaccos, linen, etc. Moreover, it can be considered as heaven to every traveler where they can shop stuff for free, enjoy insanely cheap meals and some crazy nightclubs. You can find three-star hotels for only £50 (2 persons) and enjoy meals for as low as £8.

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Tips for Your StayIN THE UK

Every country has its rules and regulations. You need to follow their cultural etiquette and more. If you don’t do that, you might end up causing someone trouble or hurting their sentiments. Anyway, keep in mind the following tips so you can enjoy your short or long stay on the English soils.

  • Be prepared for different accents in the same country. In the UK, almost every region has a distinct accent. So, apart from the Queen’s English, get ready for Brummy lits, Geordie drawls, etc.
  • With different accents come different lingos. You might hear someone calling a bread, a bap in one region or a bun in other regions.
  • In the UK, it is entirely at your discretion whether to tip or not. It is a customary thing there.
  • Try your best to use public transports and not private taxis. The public transport network in the country is quite comprehensive, and you can find plenty of options to travel within the city.
  • A VPN (virtual private network) is a must when you are traveling abroad because you would need it to get around online restrictions. Moreover, you need a VPN to keep your connection anonymous from UK’s ISPs or let's not forget using VPN to get cheap flights to UK.

Popular Places You Can VISIT IN THE UK

Are you traveling to the UK for sight-seeing? Even if you are at a business meeting there, you won't leave the country without visiting the popular attractions in the UK. Well, here are the top 5 places that you should visit.

Ancient Stonehenge UK

Ancient Stonehenge

It is one of the oldest World Heritage Sites in the world. It has been around for over 4,000 years. The site is truly fascinating. If you head 16 kilometers to the south of the site, you would even get to see 12th-century cathedrals.

Loch Ness UK

Loch Ness

You may have heard about Nessie a lot but have you ever considered visiting the place of the mythical creature. This time when you visit the UK and particularly the Scottish Highlands, you may want to visit the Loch Ness.

Exmoor UK


If you have a thing for starry skies, you may want to visit Exmoor. Apart from the natural reserves and the moorlands, you also get to enjoy spectacular astral views.

Lake District UK

Lake District

It is yet another World Heritage Site in the UK because of its scenic beauty, largest lake and mountains.

Shetland UK


If you are traveling to the UK in winter, you may want to visit the Shetland which is not only known for its rugged scenery but also the beautiful northern lights that brightens the skies in winter.

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