How PureVPN uses Cookies

    1. What are Cookies?

    Cookies are small files automatically downloaded on your system or device whenever you visit a website or a web-based application.

    2. How does PureVPN Use Cookies

    We use cookies to:

    1. Analyse how you use
    2. To serve our advertising messages and offers

    3. Can I change my Cookie settings?

    You are free to change the settings in your browser and deny every incoming Cookie. However, this will stop some essential features on our website from working and will negatively impact your experience. Having our Cookies switched off can also result in you not being able to log into our Member’s Area, among others.

    We want you to have the power when it comes to accepting or rejecting Cookies, hence we have divided our Cookies into three categories to make it more transparent and easier for you to make an informed decision:

    • Functional Cookies
    • Performance Cookies
    • Essential Cookies

    What are Essential Cookies?

    Essential Cookies cannot be turned off. They enable you to navigate the website, speed up the load time of our web pages, and use the features provided on our website. Without these Cookies, our website might not even load properly. The Essential category of Cookies includes.

    • Affiliate Cookie
    • Fraud Detection Cookie
    • New Relic Cookie

    Functional cookies

    Functional Cookies are kept to offer a more personalized experience to you the next time you visit our website. These Cookies are there only to help you get a better, smoother experience on our website. The Functional category of Cookies includes:

    • Website Analytics by Google
    • Tag Manager By Google
    • GA Audience
    • Optimize By Google
    • Hotjar
    • intercom Chat Cookie

    Performance cookies

    While we don’t show you any ads on our website, we use Performance Cookies to route more relevant information to you about our product and products similar to ours. This is achieved by empowering our partners to show you our ads and ads relevant to what we offer on third-party platforms.

    We have partnered with advertisers and have allowed their Cookies based on their stellar reputation and use of data. The data they collect is subject to their privacy policies. The Performance category of Cookies includes:

    • Double Click
    • Adwords
    • Remarketing
    • BingAds