World Backup Day 2020

Every March 31, World Backup Day takes place,
intending to raise awareness for secure data backup.
The day aims to educate internet users to regularly backup their data online.

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world backup day

What is World Backup Day?

World Backup Day is a day for internet users to learn about the growing role of data in our everyday lives and the significance of frequent backups.

While the world celebrates World Backup Day, the real question you should be asking yourself if what are you doing on World Backup Day? Ideally, the answer to that should be: taking precautionary steps to ensure your data is backed up safely.

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your data is important

Your Data is Important

While devices can be repurchased, lost data cannot. Therefore, you must backup your data to retrieve it later on if your device is lost.

In today’s digital age, hackers are always coming up with robust ways to hack into your devices and gather all of your private data. A data that’s securely backed up on the cloud and not presently available on your device is much better than having hackers tap on your private data.

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data backup options

Data Backup Options

More than 100 million smartphones are lost each year, with less than 10% recovery rate. Almost 5% of company-issued smartphones are lost or stolen every year, making backup your only choice to retrieve lost data.

If you have been meaning to backup your data, but haven't gotten around to it, now's the right time. Before you begin, you must know that a backup can be made on multiple devices:

Computer, USB, Disk, Cloud - Mostly Preferred

Cloud storage services have made our lives more comfortable, and the best of them offer end-to-end encryption of your data, keeping it safe.

Usually, you get limited storage, but additional storage can be bought for extra space. Cloud services can be accessed by both computers and mobile devices from any corner of the world.

While you can make a backup of your Smartphone’s data on a computer, it’s best if you make a backup on the cloud. For those who use an iOS device, backup on iCloud is plain and simple.

For those with Android devices, backup on Google Drive has never been more straightforward.

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PureVPN supports world backup day

PureVPN Supports World Backup Day

PureVPN is a strong advocate for online privacy and security. As such, PureVPN proudly supports World Backup Day and urges users to backup their data online.

With viruses targeting devices like never before, backup your data and have others around you do the same. As always, stay safe on the web.

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