How to Validate SSL through an Online SSL Checker

If you recently visited a website to shop online and a message saying ‘Not Secure’ appeared, would you continue online shopping? Probably not. In fact, you should not.

What is SSL?

SSL means when you visit a site, an encrypted link is created between the web server and your browser. As an example, say you deposited cash into an ATM. While the money is in transit to your bank, criminals intercept the bank.

With SSL, the route between the ATM and the bank is completely secure, making sure hackers can’t gain access to your data.

Google Chrome now alerts visitors that your site is not secure. This helps you stay updated with which website has a valid SSL certificate and which does not. As an online business, an SSL certificate is a must, and as you also gain points in your search engine ranking.

Check to see if your site begins with HTTP or HTTPS. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTP means you’re secure. Adding SSL to your website is relatively simple. You can purchase various types of certificates via your domain provider.

SSL Checker Online

Here’s how you can validate a site’s SSL certificate.

  • Open a web browser
  • Head over to the SSL checker site
  • Type in the site’s URL in the search bar
  • Click Check SSL

That’s it. You’ll get a list of information such as the date the certificate was issued, and other lists of information.