How to Watch Disney Plus in South Africa

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Disney won the heart of savvy streamers when it introduced the most promising streaming service ever, i.e., Disney Plus. Though the service experienced a terrible crash in its first week of launch, it didn’t deter many users from subscribing to the service and later enjoying it to their heart’s content. Regardless, most streamers still aren’t happy because the service lacks global coverage.

Is Disney Plus Available in South Africa?

Disney Plus started its service from the Netherlands and then moved to the United States and then Canada. Later the latest streaming service added a few more countries to its list. In fact, the service has also launched its global roadmap, showing the users its coverage plans for the next few years. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of Africa or South Africa on the provided roadmap. It means that SA streaming fans won’t be having the service in their country anytime soon. But don’t be disheartened because there’s a way to overcome this hurdle with ease.

How to Watch Disney Plus in South Africa?

Regional content restriction isn’t anything new. In fact, it is practiced by many streaming services across the internet. The service uses your IP address as a location tracker to pinpoint your region and, thus, blocks you from accessing the content or the service entirely. But a VPN can help you get around this hurdle by spoofing your original IP address with an anonymous IP. As a result, you can use the US VPN IP address and watch Disney+ in South Africa with a few clicks.

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  • Get the VPN client for the device of your choice
  • Launch the VPN and log in
  • Go to the Country list and look for US server
  • Hit Connect to join the server
  • Once the connection is established, access Disney+ and enjoy

Can I sign up for Disney+ now?

You may come across some hurdles while looking for the best way to subscribe to the service. After all, there are not many payment options made available by the service. Secondly, the service is accepting payment from only those accounts that are registered in the regions where Disney Plus is offering its services. Regardless, you may always opt for an alternative payment method when you find yourself in similar situations. For instance, you can go with the iTunes gift card option to join the Disney+ community. Or, you may also opt for the Google gift card payment option if you are using an Android device.

Hopefully, in the near future, you may probably find more alternatives to get the premium account of the streaming service and subscribe to it without any hassle.

What shows and movies are on Disney plus?

Disney Plus maybe the new service in town but it packs one of the most impressive catalogs of content. After all, the service is affiliated with the top studios in the world, Disney, which has been producing a multitude of content for almost a hundred years. Needless to say, during its century-old tenure, the service has acquired many ventures and even branched out more entities. So, once you are a subscriber to the Disney+ service, you are given complete access to the Marvel content, Star Wars content, Hulu US content and more.

Talking about the top movies and shows available on the streaming service, the best titles that you can find are Star Wars, Avengers, and Mandalorian, to name a few. The service will be adding more content to its catalog sporadically.

Final Words

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