How to get free cellphone service with no Wi-Fi on android

The most common way to get free cellphone service is to get a VPN service so that you can hide your phone balance from your carrier.

Having an internet connection is more of a necessity these days, which without it surviving, becomes quite tricky. We use the internet for various purposes, such as connecting to social media, finding a place to dine-in, and many other things in our daily lives.

Almost everyone needs to have an internet connection ranging from small kids to adults. But the internet is not free. Within the years, the price of the internet has significantly increased.

So many people wonder if there is any way to get free internet for android without a data plan, which is a monthly agreement between the provider and the user of how much data they get monthly for a fixed fee. Undoubtedly, such ways do exist.

Not only can you save your precious data plan, but download some apps for free using tools, VPNs, and others. However, most of these methods require a sim card. But this guide will suggest ways on how to get free internet for android.

Connecting to 3G/4G via VPN

The simplest way on how to get free 4G data on android is using a VPN so that a carrier won’t be able to check your phone balance. VPN or a virtual private network is an application that allows users to stay anonymous while browsing the internet.

A VPN directs your internet connection to another country through a server so that your digital footprints cannot be tracked. Simultaneously, the browser won’t know your exact proximity of where you are browsing from.

By using a VPN, one can securely access internet resources without the fear of anyone being aware of what you are looking for. Remote VPN clients embellish a connection with the VPN gateway server on the firm’s network. The gateway requires credentials to identify and authorize access to resources of the internal network such as file servers, printers, and intranets.

How to use free internet on android phone without a data plan

How to get free unlimited internet for android requires you to install a VPN service. It’s free of cost on most android devices and can be located under the VPN tab of device options. Head over to the Play Store and download the PureVPN app to give a try at the best VPN service.

Use apps to accumulate data

You can use some apps that lets you get some mobile data for trying out recommended apps. This enables you to obtain some free internet for android that can later be redeemed by your carrier services. And not to overthink about the data lost since the data lost is lower than what you earned, so you can receive some megabytes by just using the suggested apps.

Moreover, you are likely to use these recommended apps at a later point in time, so it’s an excellent way to earn free internet for android without Wi-Fi. Overall, it’s a great way to earn free internet for android Samsung.

Recharge apps

If you are looking for how to get free cellphone service without Wi-Fi on android, then recharge apps might be able to help you and save some money for you. Almost every recharge apps contain promotional offers and deals. Hence, it’s worth a try to check all of them and identify the best offer available to recharge your phone.

Wi-Fi finding apps

How to get free internet on android phones has never been more straightforward through the use of Wi-Fi finding apps that can save quite some money for you. Many cities now have widespread Wi-Fi spots behind every corner, and by using apps like Hotspot Finder, you can easily find Wi-Fi at your disposal.