How To Access Starbucks WiFi -A Google Fiber Service

Starbucks started offering Free WiFi to AT&T customers starting 1 July 2010. However, starbucks wifi is now available to all it's customers. All you have to do to access the internet is provide some personal information like your name, email address and zip code.

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People often like to work from their local Starbucks café, whether that be to prepare their last-minute presentation or to study for the exams around the corner peacefully. It provides a relaxed working space along with a delicious cup of coffee to help refresh, which makes it a welcoming space for everyone around.

How to login to Starbucks Wi-Fi?

When you sit down there to work, you require a working internet for which you access their mutual and free Wi-Fi connection. The process they have is quite simple:

  • Go on your wireless network settings and search for the available Wi-Fi
  • Depending on what name they have given to their Wi-Fi, you can choose it. Usually, it's Google Starbucks or Google Teavana.
  • Fill in the empty fields with your personal information (name, e-mail address and postal code.
  • Tap on ''Accept & Connect'' once you have read the Privacy Policy

*Note: You HAVE to provide your personal information the first time your device connects to Starbucks internet. This is to provide their customers with promotional offers and special events like additions to the Starbucks menu. Users may choose to unsubscribe later and still be able to connect to the Wi-Fi at Starbucks.

How to connect to Starbucks Wi-Fi if you are not redirected?

Usually, it's a straightforward and easy process to connect to Starbuck's Wi-Fi. However, sometimes when you tap on their Wi-Fi name, it does not redirect you to the webpage, therefore, not connecting you to the Wi-Fi. In such a case, you can:

  • Open any browser of your choice
  • Go to any webpage or refresh a page that you already have open
  • The Starbucks Free Wi-Fi landing page will appear
  • After reading the terms of service and privacy policy, click Accept & Connect to get online

Test your connection speed

You can use Google Fiber's Speed Test Tool.

Tip: For accurate and true results, close all the applications running in the background and pause the Adblocker, if you are running one.

  • Open your preferred browser and go to
  • Tap on the "Play" icon
  • After a few seconds, you will see the ping, download speed, and upload speed.