How to Watch 9Now in New Zealand

Just follow the easy steps below and access AU’s 9Now in NZ or anywhere else.

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Connect to an Australian server location
  • Log in to 9Now and start streaming

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Replacing Nine Network’s 9Jumpin, 9Now is a video-on-demand streaming service that offers its users access to channels like Channel 9, 9Gem, 9Go! and 9Life. Because of this, it is Australia’s most popular streaming service. But, Australia is not the only place this service is popular as many viewers, currently living in New Zealand, also want to tune into 9Now and watch their favorite content.

However, there is an issue. 9Now is only available in Australia, which makes it very difficult for users in New Zealand to access this streaming service. But this is where we come in. Here is a guide on how you can easily watch 9Now in New Zealand. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it.

Is 9Now Available in NZ?

Australians love and brag about 9Now all the time, for all the great content that it hosts. So much so that people in other countries often get jealous of 9Now users who are able to use the service without spending a dime. If you are looking for a similar entertainment experience that is absolutely free, but you are not in Australia, then you will need a premium VPN service.

PureVPN is a great streaming VPN that allows you to change your location to Australia in just a few clicks. Once connected to Australia, you can access 9Now or any other service that is limited for access from within Australia online, without any problems or hindrances.

How to Watch 9Now in New Zealand

To access and watch 9Now in New Zealand, you will have to get through the regional limitations of the streaming service, and for that, you need a VPN connection. Only through the help of such software, can you access 9Now in New Zealand.

Follow the steps below to know more about how you can get about it.

  • Get a VPN Connection: Go to PureVPN and subscribe to your desired plan
  • Download and Install: After subscribing, download it onto your preferred streaming device and log in
  • Connect to a server location: For 9Now, select Australia as your chosen server location
  • Good to go: And that is about it. Head to 9Now and start watching
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What’s Good on 9Now?

As the biggest fan-favorite streaming website in Australia, there are many different TV shows available on 9Now. Some of the top-ranking shows are as follows:

  • Love Island Australia
  • The Voice
  • Travel Guides
  • Bad Mothers
  • The Block

Can I Watch 9Now Outside Australia?

If you are living outside Australia and want to access a few specific TV shows that are available only on 9Now, you cannot log in to this streaming website. But with the help of PureVPN, you can get quick-and-easy access to available shows on 9Now and browse from a wide array of captivating series.

Whether you are living in New Zealand, US, UK, or any other country, PureVPN helps you change your IP address and connect you to an Australian server. Which means you can browse 9Now as a native citizen who is streaming a TV show in Australia while using PureVPN.

Is 9Now Available for Free?

Another good news is that 9Now is absolutely free as long as you can access the website with PureVPN. However, 9Now is a bit different than your regular catch-up streaming websites because you have to register an account first to ensure a seamless sign-up procedure for the rest of your life.

Bummer: 9Now uses your internet data and shows gender and age-specific ads. Yes, that is annoying, we understand.

Can You Download TV Shows on 9Now?

If you are using Chromecast, Smart TV, or PlayStation, you can use PureVPN to access and download multiple episodes to watch while commuting.

Which Devices You Can Use to Watch 9Now?

With the help of PureVPN, you can access geographically-restricted content without any problems. Install the PureVPN app, sign in to your VPN account and stream content using any one of the following devices:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Chromecast
  • Laptops
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Smart TV

As a hyper-reliable and glitch-free streaming VPN, PureVPN is the best choice when it comes to streaming numerous TV shows on 9Now or other streaming websites. From helping you access location-specific content to skyrocketing your internet speed, changing your IP address, and preventing malicious attacks while streaming endlessly, PureVPN provides a much-needed helping hand.

PureVPN has become insanely popular among binge-watchers and cult-fans of TV shows. If you are living in New Zealand or any other country and want to access Love Island or watch the latest episode of The Voice (Australia), use PureVPN today.

The following are a few other reasons why you must not compromise and always choose the best streaming VPN to access region-blocked TV shows.

  • Incredibly great experiences
  • Ad-proof streaming option
  • Connect to multiple servers using a unique IP address
  • Watch buffer-free live performances

Rock-Solid Benefits of Using PureVPN (Besides Accessing Region-Specific Content)

  • Offer bolting-fast and infinite bandwidth
  • Prevent malicious attacks
  • Help stream Australian TV shows using up to 5 logins
  • Provide access to 2000+ servers
  • Avoid online identity thefts
  • Protect your digital identity

Final Words

So, my fellow Kiwis, if you are interested in accessing 9Now and watching your favorite shows on Channel 9, get your hands on PureVPN right now. It is the only way; you can access a service that is not available to you in the first place. Plus, with the added security features which come with using a VPN service, you will be safer online and will have access to your favorite Australian channels. It is the best of both worlds.