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How to Access Chat Apps from Anywhere with a VPN?

With a VPN, you can change your virtual location to a country where no chat apps are banned. Once connected, your current location will be hidden, allowing you to access your desired chat apps instantly.

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Countries Where Chat Apps are Restricted

Popular chat apps that we use too often in our day-to-day routines are blocked in dozens of countries. The most blocked apps across the world include Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Snapchat, Viber, and even iMessage. It’s shocking to know that only a handful of countries have not restricted users’ access to chat apps. This is all the more reason for users around the world to get a chat apps VPN and stay connected with the people they love from anywhere.

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How Can a Chat Apps VPN Help You?

There are reasons beyond regional limitations for using a chat app VPN. Not just that it provides you access when you don’t have any, it also makes your experience worthwhile.

If you are traveling to any of the countries marked red in the map above, you must get a chat app VPN. The chances are that if you don’t, you will lose access to all your favorite chat apps and won’t be able to get in contact with anyone back at home.

This can cause a lot of hassle and disturbance for you as well as those who are trying to get in touch with you but can’t. With a chat app VPN connected on your device, you can use all chat apps the same way you used to in your home country.

If you live in another country due to professional commitments, you must be finding it challenging to stay connected with your family and friends back at home. This is because the apps which are popular in your home country are not as well-known at your current location. Naturally, they have less support, limited features, more outages, and often many restrictions.

To access all chat apps with ease from any country, get a chat apps VPN, and keep it connected at all times. Though it is essential to get a chat app VPN for accessing restricted services, it is even more important to keep your IP address safe from limitations enforced by your ISP.

There are many chat apps which have limited functionality in some countries. For example, the music stories feature on Snapchat is only available in a few countries such as the US, UK, and Canada. If you are living in a region where your favorite chat app is not offering all the features, you need to connect to a chat app VPN.

With a chat app VPN such as PureVPN, you can change your virtual location to any other country where your favorite app is offered and supported with all of its features. This allows you instant access, ultimate functionality, and a great communication experience.

PureVPN makes use of split tunneling, a unique and sophisticated mechanism that sends data over two separate channels. Data packets that contain users’ personal information and contact details are sent over heavily encrypted network channels, while other data packets are sent over open network channels.

This not only adds an extra layer of security but also increases efficiency for communications when you use your desired chat apps.

Complete anonymity and fool-proof online invisibility are essential in today’s age if you want to keep your digital identity safe from malicious activities. Staying anonymous online has other benefits too. For instance, you can remain safe from ISP throttling, ISP blacklisting, regional limitations, and data snooping.

Some people think that since they are not doing anything wrong online, there is no need to hide. However, when you get to know how easy it is for hackers and cyber criminals to access your financial information and steal your money, some caution becomes mandatory.

Why Paid VPN is Better than a Proxy and Free VPN Services?

Know the Difference Paid VPN Proxy Free VPN
Data Encryption Yes No Yes
Multi-device Compatibility Yes No No
HD & 4K Streaming Accessibility Yes No No
ISP Throttling Prevention Yes No No
DNS & IPv6 Leak Protection Yes No No
Dedicated Servers Yes No No

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about VPNs and chat apps? Read on.

A VPN lets you change your virtual location to any other country in just a click. When you are connecting to PureVPN, you can browse through a list of countries and choose the one you prefer.

In regions such as the US, EU and some countries of Asia and Africa, no chat apps are censored. If you connect to any such region, you will be granted access to all the chat apps. The safest region to connect for accessing chat apps through VPN is the US.

In the past few years, stories related to personal chats getting leaked have made headlines dozens of times. Such instances damage the credibility of the people involved and cause a lot of problems. To keep your personal messages personal forever, use a VPN. This way, all communication that you do from your device will be encrypted, keeping them safe and secure.

None of the chat apps are totally secure. Some have vulnerabilities, others share data with third-parties and data mining agencies, ultimately denting users’ privacy and security. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN at all times so that you can remain safe from all prying eyes and malicious cyber individuals who are always on the lookout to steal your data.


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