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How to Access Crackle from Anywhere?

Crackle is available in just a few countries only. Outside those countries, you will need VPN installed on your device to access the streaming network.



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Connect to your desired server



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Where is Crackle Available?

As long as you are in the US or Latin America, Crackle is all fun and binging. However, outside these regions, the service does not work without a Crackle VPN.


Frequently Asked Questions

Using Crackle VPN to watch your favorite content on Sony’s online streaming service is easy. If are uncertain about how it works, check out these FAQs below.

Is Crackle available in the UK?

Crackle has only limited availability in the UK. The region has access to only the anime section of the service. All other sections, such as TV shows and movies that have amazing content too, are not available for access in the UK. If you live in the UK and want to access all the content on Crackle, use PureVPN.

Does PureVPN come with a Crackle account?

PureVPN does not come with a crackle account. PureVPN is a streaming tool which allows you to access limited content around the World Wide Web. Crackle is a stand-alone streaming service owned by Sony and has no affiliation with PureVPN.

What devices can I watch American Crackle on?

Practically any device that has a screen and connects to the internet can be used to watch Crackle. Even though Crackle is available in only a few countries, with PureVPN connected on your streaming device, you can watch Crackle from anywhere in the world.

Will using a VPN affect the video quality?

This depends on your choice of VPN. If you are using PureVPN, your video quality will not be affected at all. This is because PureVPN has more than 2000 servers which are optimized for streaming to ensure a lag-less streaming experience. However, if you are using a free VPN, not only will the video quality get compromised, but you will also become vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

How much does it cost to use Crackle?

Crackle is a completely free streaming service. Even though it does have a sign up option, it is not mandatory to have an account to watch content.

Is Sony Crackle really free?

Crackle is free, as long as you are in the US or Latin America. Outside these regions, you will need a VPN to change your location and access the service. It is highly recommended that you use a premium VPN as they keep you safe online and provide you with a much better experience.