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How to Access Google When it’s banned?

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Countries with Limited Access to Google

Google is unavailable in countries with stern internet regulations. That comes off as mind-boggling given the service is extraordinarily engrossed in nearly everyone’s lives. From web, news, maps, videos to blogs, Google has the answer for almost everything we can question.

Being locked out of Google’s ecosystem can be frustrating and challenging in countries with surveillance all around. Not only can it be hard but nearly impossible to know if you’re being spied on. This is why a Google VPN can keep you secure when you access Google in countries where it’s banned.

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Why Should You Use a Google VPN?

Google boasts multiple services that are unfortunately unavailable in some countries, which is why you must use a Google VPN to access all of its services. Moreover, a Google VPN offers encryption to keep your online activities secure online.

Travelers are the ones who face the most issues when trying to access websites like social media, file-sharing and other websites. Your Google account is the primary address that hosts the entry to Google’s services. If your Google account is unavailable, or gets hacked on unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots, you’re in for some serious trouble.

Each country governs its own internet laws, making it difficult to access websites without a VPN. Countries such as North Korea, Russia, China, Thailand, Sudan, Syria and others have partial-to-no access to Google.

Google offers an extraordinary feature called Google Trends that analyzes the popularity of top search queries on Google Search across various regions and languages. Users get to know what’s trending in their location and reflect on the happenings of a particular location based on the local searches and posts that are continually engaging on a specific topic.

If you wish to know what’s trending in a different location, you can simply connect to a Google VPN and select the location of your choice. Let’s say you’re in France and wish to know what’s trending in Netherlands. All you have to do is connect to a server in Netherlands and you’ll start getting updates on what’s trending in Netherlands.

The last couple of past years have seen an enormous number of data breaches that aren’t specifically targeted or limited to a company but the entire internet. Major data leaks have jeopardized confidential information of hundreds of millions of users. Google suffered a data leak of its users where 5 million passwords were leaked and that’s not all; its Android platform was found to have bugs that exposed user’s information.

With a VPN, you have greater chances of not falling victim to these bugs and cyberattacks. Hackers and third-party surveillance have been actively targeting loopholes, which is why PureVPN’s military-grade encryption is crucial in securing your device. Once your internet connection is encrypted, you can carry on browsing the web without any loose ends.

Enterprises and academic organizations commonly put a restraint on search engines, social media and telecommunication services for everybody connecting to their network. These days, organizations have clearly defined policies highlighting that your online activities may be monitored and limited. This causes serious aggravation as we’re mostly accustomed to an open internet.

If you are facing issues when accessing Google at your school or your workplace, PureVPN’s Google VPN will get you immediate access from any corner of the world. Just connect to PureVPN and access Google from anywhere without any boundaries.

Google Maps is a web mapping service offered by Google. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle and air, or public transportation. All these features are important when you’re looking for a destination.

Unfortunately, Google Maps is unavailable in certain countries. If you’re traveling to these countries, you may face unexpected issues. With Google VPN, you can easily evade limits and easily use Maps to search for a particular destination and reach there on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding Google and VPN:

Google VPN is a fast, secure and unlimited bandwidth service for Google Chrome and Google’s services. With Google VPN, you can easily access Google and its services in countries where it’s unavailable.

Setting up a Google VPN is simple. First, you must sign up for the VPN service. Second, you must install the app on your device. Third, login with your credentials. Once connected, you’re all set!

Enabling VPN on Chrome is simple. Open PureVPN’s application and connect to the US server. Or better, install PureVPN’s Google Chrome extension on your Chrome browser. Login and connect to the US server or any other country where Google is available.

Google offers a service called Project Fi which is essentially a wireless service that introduces an optional always-on VPN service and a smarter way to switch between Wi-Fi and cellular connections. However, the service does not offer a VPN for browsing, streaming, file-sharing and other activities.

Using a Google VPN on Android is easy and simple. Head over to the Play Store and search for PureVPN. Install the app and login with your credentials. Once logged in, connect to the US server. Now, you can browse, stream, and use all of Google’s services instantly.

Android users can expect reinforced security of their online activities. This also opens more possibilities for Android users who are unable to make the most of their smartphone experience.

A Google VPN keeps your online presence anonymous from everyone, whatsoever. You can rest assured about your online identity as AES 256-bit encryption keeps you protected against prying eyes at all times.

To securely access Google, you must connect to a Google VPN service that will safely connect you to a remote server in a country where Google is available. Once connected, you can access Google and its services instantly.

A Google proxy is a free service that helps you escape from online boundaries and gets you access to Google. However, the proxy comes packed with dozens of advertisements, reduced internet speed, no online security, no customer support and mostly monitors your data and sells it to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, a proxy rarely goes so far when it comes down to Internet Service Provider throttling. A VPN, however, can get you around ISP bandwidth throttling like a pro. You will barely feel any difference in your internet speed at all when connected to a VPN.

Proxies aren’t designed to navigate smoothly and provide good internet speeds, which is why they are known for slowing down your internet connection. A VPN service offers dedicated servers that are self-engineered and self-optimized for the best internet speed.

Yes. A most suitable substitute to a proxy is a VPN. A VPN service is far better when it comes to speed, evading restrictions, connectivity, support, unlimited bandwidth, online anonymity and much more.

There is no such thing as free when it comes to online products and services. A free product means it’s extremely probable that you’re the product. Free proxies are notorious for monitoring your online data and selling it to the highest bidder. A VPN is a paid service that has enough resources to sustain itself as it charges a substantial fee. Hence, your data is secured at all times.

Apart from clear access to Google, you can instantly access any and all banned websites from anywhere in the world. This includes social media, video sharing and plentiful other websites.

Yes, once connected to a Google VPN, you can easily access Google in any country, any workplace, any school or any café.

A proxy may not work in some countries. Even if the proxy connects you to Google, you will face slower internet speeds and it may compromise your data which could turn out to be a grave consequence in countries with strict internet laws like UAE, China, North Korea and others.


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