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Instagram is Not So Great Everywhere!

There are quite a few countries where support for all the Instagram features is not available. Some countries even try to restrict the service entirely. With an Instagram VPN, you can access Instagram instantly.

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The Nice Stuff on Instagram is Out of your Reach

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Why You Need an Instagram VPN?

There are so many reasons why you must connect to a VPN every time.

A vacation is not complete unless you can narrate your journey on Instagram. A few years ago, people took their photography/videography equipment on their vacations. However, now people just carry their smartphones and share their travel stories on Instagram. But nothing ruins a trip like reaching a country and finding that Instagram doesn’t work there.

If you ever end up in such a situation, the only thing that can save you is PureVPN. It is the most reliable Instagram VPN that can provide you instant access to Instagram and all of its hidden features too, no matter what country you are in, and how strict are the limitations there on social media apps such as Instagram.

The suggestions you get on Instagram are based on your current location. This is why most of the suggestions you see on your feed are for Instagramers who live in your region. If you are interested in having an international audience, you will need to change your location.

When you change your location with PureVPN, Instagram will update your new location on its servers and start providing you suggestions for people and content from the region you are now connected to. If you are looking to build an international audience, connecting to different countries can give you a global exposure which is just not possible otherwise.

A comparatively new feature on Instagram, the Music Stickers, allow people to share their favorite music tracks on their stories. The feature has become widely popular among the few countries where it has been rolled out. Meanwhile, the countries which have not yet received the feature feel left out.

With PureVPN connected on your device, you can access Instagram Music Stickers, even if the feature has not yet been rolled out in your region. Just connect PureVPN and choose any of the six countries where Instagram Music Stickers feature has been rolled out. Once connected, you should be able to use this amazing feature easily.

Schools and workplaces hate Instagram users and they limit access to the social media service for all the users connected to their network. This is an annoyance for employees and students alike, who spend a major part of their day outside home, and are forced to remain away from social media services they love.

If you are facing issues in accessing Instagram at your school or your workplace, an Instagram VPN such as PureVPN can help you a long way. Just connect to PureVPN and access Instagram from anywhere without any limitations.

In the last 3 years, Instagram has been hacked at least once each year, resulting in the breach of personal data of millions of users. The worst case happened in September 2017, when Instagram accounts for famous personalities such as Salena Gomez, Emma Watson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Harry Styles, were hacked, and their personal info was posted on a public database called Doxagram, which contained contact details of millions of other users.

With a VPN, you have high chances of remaining safe from such breaches. In an event when data is compromised on third-party servers, the extra layer of encryption that PureVPN adds to your online activity can help you keep yourself safe online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about how an Instagram VPN can add value to your photo-posting habits? Here are answers to some of the queries that are popular among millennials.

VPNs provide far better functionality and security as compared to a proxy service. When using a proxy service, your data gets exposed and vulnerable to hacks, and the chances of your device getting infected with a malware go up.

Ensure that you are getting internet signal on your phone. If all other services are working fine, and only Instagram is not working, chances are that you are connected to a network where Instagram has been restricted for access. With a good Instagram VPN such as PureVPN, you can evade all limitations and access Instagram easily.

There are many restrictions on Instagram across the world. Some countries have limited access to the app altogether, while a few have limited support for some of the Instagram features such as Instagram Music Stickers. To evade all regional-limitations, just connect to a good Instagram VPN, such as PureVPN. This will resolve all issues related to the unavailability of service or its features and provide you a smooth social experience.

Under normal circumstances, you will not be able to access Instagram when connected to a Wi-Fi network at your school or workplace. Most schools and organizations have a highly moderated internet where only few websites are allowed for access. Entertainment and social media services and apps are mostly restricted on such networks.

To access Instagram at your school or workplace, get your hands on the best Instagram VPN, PureVPN. This can allow you to access Instagram at your school very easily, while your fellows still won’t be able to access the app.

Any website or service which has been made unavailable in your country/region can be instantly accessed with a VPN. All you need to do is connect to a server in a different country. Once connected, you can access all services which are unavailable in your region but available in the region you are connected to.

The list of countries that restrict only a few features of Instagram is quite long. The most inaccessible feature of Instagram is the Instagram Music Stories which is only available in a few countries now such as the US, the UK, Canada and parts of Europe.

Countries that restrict the photo-sharing app altogether include China, Russia, and North Korea.

Influencer marketing is on the rise. Previously, brands needed endorsements from famous personalities, but now they reach out to Instagram users with most followers. The outreach on Instagram is going to grow exponentially in the coming years, and we can also expect new features tailored for businesses to roll out soon.


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