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Do You Need a VPN to Stream iQiyi?

Also known as the “Netflix of China,” iQiyi offers one of the most content-rich libraries on the Internet. However, it is only available in China and Taiwan, which means that once you exit the Chinese borders, you cannot access iQiyi content from anywhere.

Get PureVPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Why Should You Watch iQiyi outside China and Taiwan with PureVPN?

The perks of using PureVPN for iQiyi are many. Here are the following top benefits you can enjoy with our VPN:

China has one of the largest population in the world. Likewise, its expats are spread all across the continents, including Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and more.

As far as living is concerned, Chinese enjoy their time abroad. However, when it comes to accessing the online content from their country, things become a bit undesirable. Just like you can’t access some part of the internet when you’re in China because of the Great Firewall, you also can’t access some Chinese content when you’re outside the region. Not even a premium subscription of iQiyi will do you any good if you are living abroad.

PureVPN has servers in different regions, including China. Moreover, we have hundreds of IPs on each server, which means you can get a Chinese IP address with just a few clicks. Once you’re connected to a Chinese VPN server, you can access iQiyi outside China and Taiwan from any continent.

iQiyi isn’t the only Chinese streaming service that has ruled the hearts of many netizens across the country and beyond. In fact, there are also many other famous names that enjoy millions of monthly users such as Baidu Video, Youku, QQVideo, and PPTV, to name a few.

Similar to iQiyi, all those services are restricted to people living in China only. It means that you’ll lose the privilege of accessing these services as soon as you enter a foreign soil.

PureVPN is your knight in shining armor as it can help you get access to all such channels with a few clicks. By connecting to the server location of your choice and getting the desired IP, you can access not only Chinese streaming channels and services from abroad but also vice versa.

Bandwidth can often be the issue behind slow or buffer-plagued streaming experience. In fact, you won’t be able to get good download speeds if you are facing bandwidth issues.

Sometimes, slow speed is the cause of the limited bandwidth opened by your ISP. For that, you need to ask your ISP for better speeds which is possible with an upgraded subscription. If it is not the limited bandwidth, then you may be facing ISP throttling issue.

Speed throttling is a pretty old practice among ISPs, and they do it to limit some users who are savvy streamers. PureVPN can help you resolve this issue quickly.

You don’t need to enable any feature or do any added tweaks to overcome throttling. Simply, launch PureVPN and access your favorite service to stream without any buffering.

Streaming is best enjoyed on mobile devices. After all, how would you urge to stream content on iQiyi while commuting on a subway? Of course, you would open your smartphone or tablet and start streaming Chinese content on the go.

To access iQiyi on your device from outside China, you need to have a VPN installed on your device. But, not every VPN supports every Windows, iOS, Mac, or Android device.

One of the best aspects of PureVPN is that the VPN can be installed on many devices. You can run PureVPN on your Android TV, Linux, iOS, Windows, consoles, and even router. Moreover, we’ve easy to follow guides that can help you set up the VPN in a few minutes.

Apart from using PureVPN on your desired device for watching iQiyi outside China, you may also wish to use the VPN on other connected devices. The reasons could be many. For instance, you want to secure every device in your home. You may want to add convenience to your life by keeping PureVPN on every device you use regularly.

Or, you may wish to secure the device of your sibling or parents so they may also enjoy secure surfing or easy content accessibility from anywhere.

When you have PureVPN, you don’t need to buy multiple accounts to use the VPN simultaneously on different devices. You can use the same credentials on up to 5 devices and, so, use the VPN on every device at the same time.

Why Paid VPN is Better than a Proxy and Free VPN Services?

Know the Difference Paid VPN Proxy Free VPN
Data Encryption Yes No Yes
Multi-device Compatibility Yes No No
HD & 4K Streaming Accessibility Yes No No
ISP Throttling Prevention Yes No No
DNS & IPv6 Leak Protection Yes No No
Dedicated Servers Yes No No

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions troubling your mind regarding iQiyi accessibility, etc. Read on and get answers to all your questions.

Currently, the channel is available only in China and Taiwan. So, even if a Chinese user tries to access the channel from outside the country, they wouldn’t be able to do so. Therefore, a VPN is recommended to access the streaming service.

You can stream a broad range of content on iQiyi. There’s content from the US, UK, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japanese, to name a few. You can also find various genre such as comedy, drama, suspense, etc. Set the filter to optimize the program listings as per your interest.

First of all, you would need a VPN to create an account on iQiyi streaming service. Secondly, you can either use Chinese or Taiwanese phone number to create the account or via the Alipay or WeChat service.

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