How to Watch UK TV in New Zealand

Published: October 28, 2019

Want to watch British TV in New Zealand? Then read this guide to access UK TV in New Zealand by using a VPN on your device. Get PureVPN to explore British TV and prevent boredom at home.

Watch UK TV in New Zealand

Until the year 1947, New Zealand was directly ruled by the British. Even after independence, both countries share the same queen. But despite such close ties, both countries are way apart when it comes to online streaming.

The United Kingdom is blessed with some fantastic streaming channels that offer loads of content. BBC and its subsidiaries are some of the most-watched channels in the United Kingdom. Other amazing channels include ITV, Sky Sports, and BT Sports.

While each channel offers terrific content to its viewers, including some fantastic originals, all of these channels are restricted outside Britain. This means that if you live in New Zealand, there are high chances that you won’t be able to watch UK TV channels in New Zealand. Not directly, at least.

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Can I watch UK TV Channels in New Zealand?

A lot of people ask this question. Also, there have been cases when British netizens visit New Zealand as expats and ask themselves, “Will my UK TV work in NZ?” The answer is Yes, and No.

As mentioned above, British channels are not available in New Zealand by default. It means that if you try to access the channel directly, you won’t get access to it. You will immediately be shown the message, “This channel is not available in your location.”

But then, why are we stating that it is possible to access these channels in New Zealand? It is because there is one way through which you can unlock these channels in any region. And it’s not too tricky!

If you want to watch some fantastic content, which includes Top Gear, the Premier League, and Champions League football, you need to get PureVPN.

How to Watch UK TV Channels in New Zealand

Most channels all over the world like to practice locational restrictions on their channel. This is usually done to abide by the geo-licenses they’ve signed with production companies. But, while this method benefits both the streaming service and the production company, the user always gets to face the consequences.

UK TV channels also follow the practice of restricting access abroad. Which is why you need to have a unique tool that would give you access to all the amazing content that is limited to the UK. The tool we’re talking about is PureVPN.

PureVPN is one of the best VPN services in the world. With PureVPN, you can access just about any channel in the world. This includes all the channels that you can get in the United Kingdom. PureVPN has got many different servers in the UK. Connecting to any server of these servers changes your IP location to the United Kingdom. With a British IP address, you will be able to watch UK TV channels in New Zealand with ease.

The following steps will help you unlock UK TV channels in New Zealand:

  1. Choose your desired plan and get PureVPN from the official website
  2. Download the VPN app or browser extension for your streaming device
  3. Launch the app and log in with your username and password sent to you via email
  4. Once you have logged in, go the list of available countries.
  5. Select UK, hit connect, and wait for PureVPN to connect successfully.
  6. Once connected, Visit any UK TV channel and watch it easily in New Zealand.

Why Use PureVPN?

PureVPN is the service that is recommended by many top publications. The service is considered among the most reliable VPNs. It has been in the market for over ten years. And over time, it has evolved into the perfect streaming VPN.

PureVPN offers over 6500+ servers in 140 countries. Connecting to any of these locations changes your IP location to anywhere you want. This is incredibly helpful if you’re a streaming enthusiast as it allows you to access just about any channel in the world.

All of these servers are kept optimized at all times so that you may enjoy the fastest streaming speeds from anywhere. You can say no to all kinds of buffering while streaming with PureVPN.

Apart from all amazing streaming features, PureVPN also guarantees your security and anonymity on the internet. The service offers military-grade encryption through secure protocols. These ensure that no other entity can access your traffic or data from anywhere. PureVPN is also one of the few no-log certified VPN brands. This means that the service is proven to keep no logs containing any user data.

So what are you waiting for? Get PureVPN now and access British channels in New Zealand.