How to Watch ZEE5 in USA

Published: Jan 21, 2021

Want to access ZEE5 in USA? PureVPN makes that possible in 3 easy steps given below.
1. Subscribe to PureVPN Trial
2. Install and Connect to Indian server from the PureVPN app
3. Visit zee5 website/app and stream

Watch Zee5 in USA

ZEE5, previously known as OZEE, has grown to become one of India’s most popular on-demand video streaming services.

Boasting up to 100,000+ hours of entertainment in 12 different Indian languages, it provides a mix of premium and free content. However, you’ll have to sign up for a ZEE5 subscription if you want to watch the full range of exclusive content the streaming service has to offer.

It gives you unrestricted access to ZEE5 originals, live TV, blockbuster Bollywood and Hollywood movies, documentaries, music, as well as hundreds of TV shows, to name a few.

Furthermore, all the content can be enjoyed on your streaming device without any annoying advertisements. The only problem is that ZEE5 can’t be accessed outside India, but there’s a workaround for this.

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Why is ZEE5 Blocked in USA?

If you try to access ZEE5 in USA, you’re going to be displayed the following message:

“Entertainment will soon have a new destination. Coming soon to your country.”

Are you wondering why? Well, that’s because of regional limitations. The content you wish to view is limited to the country it’s based, and can’t be accessed from outside.

Luckily, there’s a simple method to get around these digital roadblocks and watch ZEE5 in US at super-fast speeds.

How to Watch ZEE5 in USA with a VPN?

With the help of a Virtual Private Network, you can instantly get an Indian IP address and access the content available.

The streaming service will think that you’re located in India, and as a result, you’ll become eligible to watch the content available on it.

VPNs are a great way to take your security and privacy up a notch, but they also prove incredibly useful when it comes to accessing the Internet without any limitations.

All you have to do is install one on the device of your choice, select an Indian VPN server, and you’ll be able to watch ZEE5 in USA! Just follow these easy steps:

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Download and install the app or software on your preferred device
  • Launch VPN and use your credentials to log in
  • Use the Streaming mode
  • Choose India as your preferred server location
  • With an Indian IP address, you can now watch ZEE5 in USA with ease!

How to Watch ZEE5 on Android?

If you want to stream ZEE5 on your Android-powered device, the streaming service offers a dedicated app on Google Play. You should face no problems in downloading it, but regional limitations will stop you from watching any videos. In this scenario, a VPN comes handy. Follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Visit the Google Play Store
  • Download and install VPN Android app
  • Now, download and install the ZEE5 app
  • Launch VPN and select the Streaming mode
  • Choose India as your desired server location
  • Launch and stream away!

Access Other Indian Streaming Sites With VPN!

Can’t find the content you want to watch on ZEE5? Fret not. There are many other Indian streaming services that you can try, including Hotstar, SonyLIV, Jio TV, and more. With VPN, you can trick these streaming services into thinking that you’re accessing them from inside India.

We have an ever-growing network of 6500+ VPN servers in 141+ countries around the world, including India, and assign you an Indian IP address to allow you to access the content of your choice from anywhere.

Moreover, you’ll always enjoy the fastest speeds when using our service as we have hundreds of servers dedicated for streaming. No longer do you have to worry about ISP throttling while watching your favorite TV shows and movies!

Upon connecting to our VPN, all your Internet traffic is hidden from end-to-end using military-grade encryption. This means neither your ISP and nor any cybercriminal can get their hands on your personal data.

A generous 31-day money-back guarantee also backs our VPN service, regardless of which subscription plan you choose. This gives you plenty of time to test out VPN for accessing My5 and other British streaming services risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZEE5 Available in the USA?

As mentioned earlier, ZEE5 isn’t available anywhere outside India due to regional limitations. Plans to roll out the streaming service around the globe have been in the works, but until that happens you’ll need a premium VPN such as PureVPN to access it from the US.

How to Watch ZEE5 in the USA for Free?

ZEE5 also offers some free-to-watch content which users can view without signing up. If you want to explore the catalog, you’ll need to arm yourself with VPN. With an Indian IP address assigned to your device, you can head over to the streaming service, and enjoy watching the free content available to you with ease!