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Why Hiding IP Address Is So Important?

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How to Change/Hide Your IP in 3 Simple Steps?

Hiding your IP address is as easy as three simple clicks. You’ll only need to subscribe to PureVPN, and you’ll be able to enjoy complete online freedom and the best privacy on the web. Connecting with PureVPN’s servers hides your IP address from all parties and makes you completely anonymous on the web.

With PureVPN, you can remain hidden online while you surf through your favorite websites with ease and convenience. Hide your IP address now by following these easy steps:

Download PureVPN’s easy-to-use application.
Connect to the server that you desire to use.
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How Countries / ISP Monitor Your Online Activities?

IP logging is not uncommon at all in the present era. Not only are the ISPs involved in ISP tracking, but most governments also take part in monitoring online activities of their users.

  • IP Logging by ISP

    With old rules already abolished and new ones being introduced which majorly favor the ISPs, IP logging is only going to get worse in the coming days.

  • IP logging in United States

    In April 2017, Trump and his government repealed an FCC ruling which disallowed ISPs from selling user data without taking users’ consent.

    Also, the Net Neutrality rules were recently abolished, and new rules were introduced which allow ISPs to monitor online activities of their users, and even sell the gathered data to governments or corporate agencies.

  • IP logging in Canada

    While no Canadian law explicitly allows ISPs to store user data, that doesn’t stop ISPs from monitoring it anyways.

    Those who’ve heard of Bell’s Relevant Ads Program will know that IP tracking in Canada is not as relaxed as it seems. ISPs regularly monitor data, and sometimes sell it to private companies.

  • IP logging in Europe

    The EU Data Retention Directive was repealed in 2014. While EU shows support for people’s right to online privacy, many European countries do not. Germany and many other countries still monitor and store users’ IP data.

  • IP logging in United Kingdom

    In November 2016, the Snooper’s Charter bill was approved by the UK government. It requires ISPs and phone companies to retain any activity recorded by their users on the internet. ISPs are required to store this data for at least a year.

    We’re all aware of UK’s IP Bill, which promotes extensive surveillance by the government on its people. IP tracking in the UK exists, and is probably more severe than most other countries!

  • IP logging in Australia

    After the passing of Metadata retention laws in October 2015, ISPs in Australia now have the power to legally monitor and store users’ online activities.

    This includes email and internet traffic data, including the time, date, recipients, and the size and file formats of all attachments you send or receive on the internet. Who knows when this stored data is sold off to other companies!

PureVPN Gives You The Cyber Security You Need

PureVPN is a believer in online privacy and anonymity on the web. Through its specialized servers, PureVPN makes sure that its users are not only anonymous on the web, but their data remains safe against the malign of hackers and surveillance agencies.

Among all the features that PureVPN provides to its users, the following relate directly with the online privacy and security of the user.

Unbreakable 256-Bit Encryption

PureVPN uses high level encryption and army graded protocols to provide utmost online security to its users.

Global Network

PureVPN manages a global network of 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. Server locations include the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch stops your IP from leaking even if the VPN somehow disconnects with the server.

Anonymous Browsing

In the pool of users connected with PureVPN’s servers, your traffic remains completely encrypted. Encryption further makes you anonymous online.

Multiple Security Protocol

PureVPN provides access to multiple protocols, all specializing in providing security or speed to users.

Highly Optimized Servers

PureVPN provides access to a self-engineered and self-managed network with optimized servers, best suited to users’ needs.

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Anonymize Your Internet Surfing With PureVPN's Anonymous Browsing Extensions

PureVPN believes in providing maximum convenience to its users. This is why we offer VPN extensions for both, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

These extensions are lightweight and totally user-friendly. While it is easy to download and use them, these extensions allow you to browse the web freely while making sure that your online activities remain hidden to outsiders.

To hide your IP while browsing, download and install the PureVPN extension now and surf anonymously online!

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