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What Your IP Reveals About You

Currently, there are two standards of IP addresses being followed globally, IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6). Previously, all devices had an IPv4 address, but now, due to unavailability of free IPs, the new IPv6 is gaining popularity and is being incorporated in many of the newer devices. An IP address can be dynamic or static, depending upon the needs of the network and the device. A static address can be configured in the computer’s network settings. However, such an address can cause network issues if two similar IP addresses are assigned to two devices on the internet at the same time. Dynamic addresses, which are the most common type, are self-assigned via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Such addresses are only assigned for a limited duration, and when that time expires, a new address is requested automatically.

This is your IP-related information

Your location is exposed! The websites you visit, can see where you are through your IP address.

your ip address104.152.45.45

internet service providerVoxility

CityLos Angeles

CountryUnited States

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An IP address can reveal many things about the user or their device. An IP address can be used to track the user search preferences. It can also be used to gain access into the cache of a personal computer that can compromise sensitive information such as metadata and cookies. Ultimately, all the gathered information is clubbed together to understand the kind of websites a user visits and what are their likes and interests. This information is then used to target each individual with related ads or monitor their activities.

What is an IP Address?

While tech users are over familiar with the term, it’s equally important for other users to know what an IP address is and how it works. Internet Protocol Address, or IP address, is a string of numbers that allows a computer to communicate with another computer or any other device over the Internet. The IP address of each device is unique and contains information that can allow anyone to trace it back to the location of the computer or device. An IP address contains 4 numbers, each separated by a dot (.). These numbers can range between 0 and 255, for example It’s the IP address that makes it possible to send and receive data between desired devices. IP addresses can also tell much more about you and your devices.

Ways to Hide your IP Address

There are many ways to change an IP address. Depending upon the need, an IP address for a computer, a network router, or any other Internet device can be changed to effectively mask your real identify and location.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

A router is provided with a public IP address via DHCP. The ISP prefers to associate the same IP address to a router every time, so that the caches and metadata do not need to be rebuilt. If a user turns off the router and turns it on after a while, the ISP may assign a new IP address to the network router, equipping it with a new identity

Acquire a New IP via Command Prompt

Using a changed IP for your computer can prove to be beneficial in the short run for the time being as it provides a new identity to your computer. However, once the new IP gets linked with the old IP based on searching preferences and social media profiles, all the information can be linked together, which renders the new IP useless when it comes to security

Use a VPN

Many countries, even developed, first-world countries, restrict access to many websites because of state policies. However, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) attaches a virtual IP address to your computer. The new IP address will make it look like as if a user is accessing internet from a different country, hence all the restricted content becomes instantly accessible

Use a Proxy

For instances, where using a VPN is not a suitable option, Users can resort to using proxy websites. A proxy website contains a static, universally accepted IP address. It can unblock almost all the restricted content and hide your IP partially. However, it shows many ads, it logs your data, and it can even infect your system and turn it into a bot

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How Should You Change/Hide Your IP Address

Although a large percentage of the internet population is unaware of how IP addresses can be changed, there are many cautious users who change their IP addresses with a VPN regularly to avoid any malicious attack on their devices or personal data.

A VPN can also help you to

Avoid Third-party Monitoring

You can avoid ISPs and third-party tracking and monitoring by connecting to a VPN.

View Your Favorite Content

With a VPN You can access your favorite content from any location in the world.

Anonymize Your Online Presence

Stay anonymous all the time by switching to a different IP every time.

Access Geo-Locked Content

By changing your IP, you can access your favorite TV shows and live streaming websites that might not be available in your region.

Avail Discounts and Best Deals

Your favorite e-commerce store is offering cheap deals and discounts in a different region but you can’t avail it because of your location. No problem, just switch your IP address and shop Away!

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