Internet Privacy

You have to fight for your privacy or you lose it!

What is Internet Privacy?

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Internet privacy is considered as one of the basic human rights which everyone is entitled to.

However, in the last decade, online surveillance and monitoring policies have been tightened by governments around the world. This has made it even more essential for internet users to ensure protection of their privacy.

There are multiple reasons why users need to protect their Internet privacy. To understand the reasons, it is important to have knowledge about the loopholes from where your information can be stolen and used against your will and without your consent.

These loopholes include browsing history, searching preferences, and all communications and transactions done over the Internet.

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Internet Privacy Concerns

Lately, many tactics have come to light, detailing how governments and corporate entities spy on online activities of people around the world, and use it to achieve their hidden interests.

The objective is to compile detailed reports on the activities of the general population so the government would know if they are involved in any criminal activity. Such reports are also used to categorize users according to their lifestyles and interests.

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Internet Privacy Protection Myths

Many myths exist when it comes to the topic of internet privacy protection. However, they only serve to camouflage the real problem at hand and are one of the reasons why people fall for different scams or don't follow privacy measures devotedly. Most common myths about internet privacy include:

Attacks on Celebrities

Hackers only attack celebrities and business people.

Common Sense

I have common sense, I don’t need security.

Strong Password

My passwords are way too strong to be hacked.

Importance of Online Protection


The importance of online protection cannot be stressed enough. It's difficult to imagine the dire consequences a single identity hack can have on a person's life.

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With our 256-bit military-grade encryption, even we don't know what our users are doing on the internet. . No logs are kept and all an intruder will get is gibberish data. With PureVPN, you are protected at all times!

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