Your Internet Rights @ Threat

Moments ago, the European Parliament’s most controversial overhaul of online copyright got full approval. This mean from now onwards, Article 11 and Article 13 will take full effect.


How EU Copyright Directive will kill Creativity?

Over the last few years, internet privacy has been shaken to the core numerous times. From Net Neutrality to Broadband Privacy rules, governing bodies have been actively taking part in mass surveillance of netizens, only making lives more complicated online.

EU Copyright Directive shuns innovation and free speech by restricting how content is shared online. As per Article 11, publishers will now charge platforms like Google News when they display snippets of news stories, while Article 13 emphasizes on sites like YouTube to duly stop users from uploading copyrighted content.


How Article 11 and Article 13 Affects the Internet?

The EU directive raises serious questions about the future implications for free online expression, innovation, and the freedom to publish. This means moderators will be required to audit any and all content that is to be published on their platform.

The internet won’t be the same as websites will be required to use content recognition technologies to scan videos, audio, text, photos, and code bots which ensure content providers/meme generators aren’t violating copyright laws.

5 Fears

  • 1.Internet platforms might add surveillance on all content you upload without your consent.
  • 2.Internet privacy and freedom of expression will be severely hurt.
  • 3.Big Risk to streaming sites like Twitch & Youtube.
  • 4.Mass Surveillance could be abused.
  • 5.Automated uncontrollable censorship.

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