How To Get beIN Sports On Kodi

Published: Jan 1, 2021

Here is a way through which you can watch your favorite sports live on Kodi. All you need is PureVPN and beIN Sports, and you are good to go.

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beIN Sports is one of the best places for streaming your favorite sports online. This combined with accessibility and freedom that Kodi provides, you’ll will have the perfect means for streaming your favorite sports online. However, since the official repository on Kodi is quite limited, beIN Sports is not available for Kodi users to install.

But, don’t be disheartened as with other channels like ESPN and NBC, there are unofficial repositories and add-ons which work just as good as the official ones. That being said, you might need PureVPN to get you through the beIN Sports regional limitations.

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What is beIN Sports and How Can You Get It’s Kodi Add-on?

For those living in the United States, beIN Sports is nothing new as it is one of the most popular streaming services active in the country. It features live broadcasts for almost every single sporting event that is happening in the world. This includes the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the NBA and many more.

However, due to regional limitations and restrictions, their services are only available in the US. And if that was bad enough, beIN Sports does not feature an official add-on for Kodi. But, as we stated before, there are unofficial versions which, when combined with PureVPN, can help you watch beIN Sports on Kodi from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch beIN Sports on Kodi

Now that you know that there is a way through which you can watch and stream beIN Sports on Kodi, let’s get on to how you can access it. But, before we get on to the installation process, you need to download the repository that has the beIN Sports add-on.

Follow the steps below to download the Matt Huisman Kodi Repository:

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Navigate to the “Settings”
  3. Select Add-ons
  4. Make sure the “Unknown Sources” option is set to “enabled”
  5. Go to “File Manager”
  6. Select “Add source.”
  7. Select and type in
  8. Select “OK”
  9. Enter MJH as the source name
  10. Select “OK” again
  11. Go to the Main Menu and then Add-ons
  12. Select “My Add-ons”
  13. Select “..” and the “Install from zip file.”
  14. Choose “MJH” from the list
  15. Select the "" file.
  16. The repository will now begin the installation

Now that the repository is installed, the complicated bit is out of the way. You can now easily install the beIN Sports add-on from the repository and watch your favorite sports live. To install the add-on, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Go to the Main Menu
  3. Navigate to “Add-ons” and then “My Add-ons.”
  4. Select “...”
  5. Select “Install from Repository”
  6. Select the " Repository"
  7. In the listings, search for “Video Add-ons” and then “beIN Sports Connect.”
  8. Click on “Install” and wait for the process to complete
  9. You now have access to beIN Sports on Kodi.

Why Do You Need a VPN For beIN Sports On Kodi

There are a couple of reasons why one will NEED a VPN if they wish to access and watch beIN Sports on Kodi. Firstly, beIN Sports, is available in a few selected countries like the United States and Canada. So, in order to gain access to beIN Sports in other countries, you will need the help of a VPN. Only through a VPN you will be able to subscribe to its streaming service.

Secondly, the beIN Sports Kodi Add-on mentioned here, is available in APAC countries which include Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia, among a few others. So, to use the add-on, you will again need the help of a VPN. So, all in all, to watch beIN Sports on Kodi, you will need a VPN. There is no other way.

To download and install PureVPN on Kodi, follow these few simple steps down below:

  1. Download and install the PureVPN’s Kodi Repository
  2. Open Kodi
  3. Make your way to the Add-ons page
  4. Click the open box icon on the top
  5. Install the downloaded zip file
  6. Install the repository
  7. Go to Add-ons and then Program add-ons
  8. Launch PureVPN
  9. Navigate to the Settings
  10. Add in your account details
  11. Set the VPN to automatically connect on every launch
  12. Click OK

Final Words

So, in conclusion, if you wish to watch your favorite sports live and online through beIN Sports on Kodi, then you will need PureVPN. However, don’t think of this as an extra hurdle but a blessing in disguise as not only does it grant you access to beIN Sports and its add-on on Kodi, it also safeguards you and your identity from thousands of online threats. So, in a way, it’s a win-win, if you use PureVPN with beIN Sports on Kodi.