How to Watch Netflix Using School WiFi in 2019

Updated: Sept 12, 2019

If you’re a college student living in a hostel, it is obvious that you would spend most of your time in the classroom or the library. Putting up with lengthy lectures and taking notes till your hands become sore can seriously burn you out. So what should you do when it’s time to take a break? You can either indulge yourself in sports, grab gaming consoles, or if you’re a movie nerd like most of the millennials; you can enjoy a service like Netflix in your school or college.

A worker’s life is even harder. Long and weary working hours which require you to work non-stop and fake a smile even with the ones you despise is bound to stress you out. The only comfort is that hour break you get for food or refreshment and it’s too precious to be spent carelessly. You can either eat and socialize with your co-workers, dine out, or binge-eat some cheese popcorns while watching your favorite movies or TV shows. We know what suits you better and so do you.

Many students and office workers prefer watching movies or TV shows in their break time. Be it study or work, both can get overwhelming at times due to the constant pressure that comes along with them and giving yourself a little ‘me-time’ away from all the hustle can recharge your brain cells enough to get back in the game.

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The Notorious Netflix Block

Netflix can be blocked for a number of reasons. It’s quite common for some educational institutions and workplaces who are unfamiliar with the slogan of ‘internet freedom’ to notoriously block or restrict access to some particular websites, especially media streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. The only way to access Netflix from an institute where it is blocked is by using a Netflix VPN.

How to Watch Netflix on your School WiFi?

You can get past Netflix roadblocks using the tips mentioned below.

Use your Cellular Connection

An easy and reliable way to access Netflix is by using your own cellular connection on the smartphone or tablet in use. Since you’re not using your school or office’s network, you can watch Netflix without any restriction.

Use a VPN

Another quick and easy way to access Netflix on your school WiFi is using a VPN. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, keeping your online activities hidden from the prying eyes of your school, local ISP, or even the government.

Here's how you can use any app on school WiFi and access Netflix in your college or workplace.

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Download and install PureVPN App or Extension
  • Sign in using your login details
  • Go to the ‘stream’ mode
  • Click on ‘Netflix US’
  • Access Netflix at a super-fast speed

A Netflix VPN is Useful but is it Legal?

Even though Netflix despises and blocks VPNs, it is not illegal to access Netflix using a VPN. Users are subjected to legal consequences if they download content illegally but that’s not the case with Netflix. Even then, it is highly advised to thoroughly read and follow Netflix’s policies.

Do All VPNs Work with Netflix?

Ever since Netflix started banning VPN services, the ability to access Netflix has become a key differentiator in the VPN market. While almost all VPN providers claim to work with Netflix, only a handful of them actually do.

Let’s take free VPNs for an example. Mostly, they do not allow you to access Netflix on restricted networks and puts you at harm's way by compromising your online privacy and security. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a reliable paid VPN service such as PureVPN to keep your data and privacy intact.