Speed Test Tool – Now Better Than Ever Before!

How to connect to the fastest server via PureVPN’s app?

Our speed test tool has found a new resting place. PureVPN app (Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS) users can now get the fastest connection directly through the apps. Simply use our Location & Purpose Tool to automatically connect to the fastest available server, every time; all the time!

[Download Here]

How to connect to the fastest server via manual configuration?

Manual users of PureVPN are requested to use our available apps.

However, if you wish to manually configure PureVPN, then we recommend that you connect using the following DNS servers for the fastest possible connection:

  • fastest-usserver.ptoserver.com
  • fastest-auserver.ptoserver.com
  • fastest-ukserver.ptoserver.com
  • fastest-purevpnserver.ptoserver.com
  • purep2p.ptoserver.com

If you are not sure where to enter above DNS addresses then kindly follow below tutorial according to your operating system: