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How to Get Around NBA League Pass Blackouts

Updated: January 21, 2021

Are you a cord-cutter who loves NBA games? This guide shows you that you need not worry about NBA League Pass blackouts and restrictions because there’s a workaround that serves you perfectly. Whether you can’t access a Lakers game or Celtics clash in your state, here is an easy to bypass blackouts:

  1. Subscribe to the PureVPN app.
  2. Connect to another country server (Mexico, India, or Canada) where the blacked out NBA game is available.
  3. Buy the NBA League Pass and you are done.

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With millions of fans in the United States alone, you can pretty much imagine just how massive the NBA is in the world of sports. However, with a popular sport, you wouldn’t think that it will have issues with streaming, but it does. Hundreds and thousands of fans every year complain about how they are unable to stream their favorite NBA games.

Follow this guide to learn how you can work around the NBA blackout, buy the cheapest NBA League Pass with a VPN, and much more.

Where to Watch NBA Season with League Pass

Watch The NBA 2021 season live on ABC, TNT, and ESPN in the United States. However, it is globally available on NBA League Pass.

Channels(Language) Streaming Available in
ABC (English),TNT (English),ESPN (English) USA
NBA League Pass Multiple countries
TSN (English) ,CBC (English) Canada Only
SonyLiv, ESPN India
SonyLiv Worldwide Free with PureVPN

NBA League Pass Blackout Workaround

Sometimes when you try to access your NBA League Pass from any city, you see an error saying: Based on your current location, you are unable to view this game…”

Imagine buying a League Pass and get slammed with this message. It’s annoying (and downright rude).

Besides local games that are restricted, you might struggle to watch National games as well, even with an NBA League Pass. This is where a VPN comes to the rescue. You can use a VPN app to hide your real location and bypass League Pass blackouts without any trouble.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use a VPN and get around NBA League Pass blackouts:

  1. Subscribe and install the PureVPN app.
  2. Sign in to the app using your login credentials.
  3. Connect to Mexico or Canada or any other country server.
  4. Sign up for NBA League Pass and unlock blackouts.

NBA League Pass Pricing Worldwide

Here is a list of countries that offer NBA League Pass at different prices:

League Pass

United States: $199.99
United Kingdom: £179.99
Australia: $239.99
India: 999 INR

Team Pass

United States: $119.99
United Kingdom: £99.99
Australia: $169.99
India: NA

League Pass Premium

United States: $249.99
United Kingdom: £209.99
Australia and India: NA


United States: $59.99
United Kingdom: Free

3-Game Choice

United Kingdom: £31.99

8-Game Choice

Australia: $109.99

Day Pass

United Kingdom: £5.99
India: 69 INR

Bonus Tip: If you haven’t signed up for the League Pass yet, try using a VPN app and get a cheaper deal. All you need to do is connect to a country server that offers the lowest International League Pass package and subscribe.

After that, you have complete access to every NBA game, no matter the state or country you are in. The International League Pass is dirt cheap if you are buying it from another location.

What Do You Get with PureVPN?

Access region-locked matches: You can use NBA League Pass to the full potential by having a VPN at your disposal. Plus, you can unlock many sports streaming services and online platforms.

Prevent buffering during live games: With the help of our streaming-optimized servers, you can enjoy live NBA matches that don't lag at any moment of the game.

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Who’s your MVP?

We hope you can stream NBA live from the United States or anywhere in the world without any trouble. If you need more information on connecting to the right server or using a VPN for the first time, contact us via the Live Chat option. We work ‘round the clock!