Slack isn’t secure without a VPN.

When using Slack, the reality is that you are open to countless security issues. Should a hacker gain access to the admin panel, with an unencrypted connection, you might find yourself exposed. This can be solved, however, with PureVPN.

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What does a VPN do to protect you?

Masks your IP address

With Slack, any admin can see your real IP address. Your IP address is a key identifier in showing your current location. With a VPN, however, you will have your true IP address masked and instead show the address of the current server you are connected to.

Hides your ISP

A hacker can figure out how to engage in attacking you if they have access to your Internet Service Provider. Your ISP logs a ton of data about you, data that can be used by advertisers or cybercriminals. Using a VPN, your data is hidden. This includes browsing data.

Protects you from Data Breaches

With data breaches occurring at an increasing rate, often with regular workers paying the price, an encrypted connection is a must. Slack is required by many employers, and as such, it is a prime target for hackers looking to find inside information. Whether for corporate espionage or to commit identity theft, data stored by Slack is a treasure trove for cybercriminals. With a VPN, your communications are encrypted from outside sources, and things like man-in-the-middle attacks become more difficult.

Protects you from Slack

Instead of using Nebula, which is Slack’s own VPN, use a VPN you trust. Slack has been flagged by numerous organizations, such as the EFF, for privacy violations. There is no guarantee that Slack has created a truly secure encryption algorithm, and for that reason, a VPN is a must. Why trust Nebula when the company that created it has not committed to privacy? Don’t take chances, connect with a third-party VPN.