Protect Your Family’s Online Privacy

VPN for Family

You and your loved ones are left vulnerable and exposed due to the recent change in broadband privacy law. Without a VPN family plan, your internet service provider could breach your privacy.

Your Private Life on Sale

A VPN account for your family is the perfect answer to all your cyber woes.


The digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation suggests you might use a VPN for family mobile, which funnels your internet traffic through a secure connection.


US House of representatives pulls the plug on internet privacy rules. Consumer advocates say this means broadband providers will sell your browsing history to the highest bidder.

The Verge

Congress voted today to repeal the FCC’s privacy rules for ISPs, which means your broadband provider no longer has to ask your permission to sell your browsing data.

Join Thousands of Safe Families

Since The Congress has reversed the landmark FCC privacy rule, internet service providers will be able to sell your data to third parties. With online privacy becoming increasingly fragile, a VPN family plan is your best bet for digital protection. Dedicated PureVPN plans for families are a blessing for everyone looking to avert this impending threat. Subscribe now to PureVPN — the best VPN for family — and join 1 Million+ families experiencing a safer internet.

Why Families Need A VPN

Why Families Need A VPN

Imagine your family’s intimate information, online transactions, hobbies as well as their complete online surfing data perfectly packaged to be bought by the highest bidder. With the latest developments in cyber laws, this is becoming a reality, posing serious risks to your family’s internet safety. If you do not have adequate family internet protection, your family’s entire digital records may be at the mercy of internet service providers and their decision to sell it to advertisers hungry for consumer data.

How PureVPN Helps Your Family

PureVPN comes loaded with innovative features. Its the perfect VPN for friends and family.Your devices are an extension of you. It’s important that the information contained on them does not gets compromised by internet service providers.

Unwanted Eyes

Prevent Unwanted Eyes

It is important that your family’s online activities be kept hidden from prying eyes. Family time needs to be about family with no room for uninvited visitors.

Secure Family

Secure Family Devices

Your devices are an extension of your loved ones. It’s important that the information contained on them does not gets compromised by the internet service providers.

No WiFi Hacking

No WiFi Hacking

It is common for your Wi-Fi connection to be exploited to access your devices & steal your information. With PureVPN you can rest assured that your Wi-Fi is secure all the time.