Transparency report

We value the privacy of our users over everything else and are committed to operating in the most transparent way possible. Since PureVPN is a no-logs service, we do not retain any identifiable information that can be later shared with governments or other entities. We receive dozens of requests for data each month, which will be detailed in this report in order to give our users more visibility.

“Our users’ privacy is unnegotiable. And we want to be completely transparent about how we work to protect their data.”

Uzair Gadit – CEO, PureVPN

Our Transparency Reports

Intellectual property takedown requests

Intellectual property requests include DMCA and copyright complaint queries received from corporate, non-corporate, and intermediary services. This report presents the number of intellectual property complaints PureVPN received over the year, the frequency of these complaints, and the actions taken on them.

Emergency disclosures report

Reports in this section present the “disclosure without delay” requests made by government agencies. These requests are usually made when there is a serious risk of grave physical harm to a person or group of people.


Spammers often use VPN IPs to send unsolicited emails to recipients. This report presents the number of spam complaints PureVPN received over the year against its IP addresses, as well as the frequency of these activities.

Court order

This report consists of court-issued legal processes for law enforcement purposes.


PureVPN often receives requests to release information like the name, address, or any other information of a user. All such requests are mentioned in the Subpoena category.