My WiFi TV- A live TV Streaming Service

For those who are wondering what my wifitv is, this is the article for you that will give you the most comprehensive details about this streaming service.

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What is My WiFi TV?

MyWifitv is a live TV streaming service that lets you browse and watch your favorite TV shows all in one place. Whether you want to see your movies in high 4K resolution or 4k, wifitv makes sure you get the best out of what you pay for.

You can access this TV wherever you are whether you are out strolling in the park or sipping coffee at Dunkin doughnuts, miwifitv provides worldwide coverage without any interruptions. All you need is a good WiFi connection to get the best desirable resolution at your disposal.

Devices MyWifitv is compatible with

MyWifitvOne of the best parts of subscribing to MyWifitv is the seamless compatibility that it offers you. You can download the WiFi live TV app on both and Android and IOS devices without ever worrying about switching your smartphone.

Moreover, WiFi TV can also be found on the Web browser by just accessing its WiFi TV com website. So if you are willing to save some device storage you can always stream your movies online without ever fearing that it won’t provide you the same quality as it will on its application, but that doesn’t work in the case of WiFi TV.

Furthermore, your WiFi TV channels are also accessible on a wide range of quality TV boxes with just one simple application. Lastly, users can also purchase a fire stick that acts as a plug and play device for your TV and thus, you can simply access the service through it respectively.

TV shows and movies on My WiFi TV

My WiFi TV Is now showing a wide selection of movies, TV shows, sports channels, and others on its service. Some of the channels that it is currently displaying are stated below:

  • Soap opera
  • Live premier league
  • Music channels
  • Sporting and action events
  • All entertainment( coming soon)
  • Family weekend programs
  • Fashion
  • Business and marketing news

The channels stated above are the ones My WiFi TV is currently streaming over its service and many other categories are soon going to be launched. WiFi TV provides users with the best opportunity to have a mixture of the best channels available over the marketplace. Despite the great quality of its streaming service, it also comes under the affordable price tag of 25$ monthly that includes 2000+ channels, all types of qualities involved such as SD, HD, and 1080p recording and along with its maximum uptime. However, those who are willing to install the services on 3 devices can purchase for an additional 10$ per monthly charge and the same goes for the family package and family+ package as well. So, just head over the WiFi TV app and purchase your subscription without delaying to watch your live TV channels.

How to access My WiFi TV from abroad

You just have to install the app on your smartphone or any other device to access your service abroad. You can just simply purchase any monthly package and just having a reliable WiFi connection can get you browsing your favorite TV channels in no time. However, if you are on your mobile data plan, additional mobile carrier charges may incur to you. Note: If the application does not let you access it abroad, then connect to a VPN.