Top 5 Online Password Decoder Tools

Passwords are an essential part of WiFi security. It is best to have passwords are at least 12 to 15 characters long containing a variety of letters and numbers. You may choose to encrypt your connection to further strengthen network security.

What is a Password Decoder?

A password decryption tool is used for authorization to any computer system or network to access any resources. Password decoder tools can help any cracker specialist to gain access to resources without needing access to upper privileges.

What are the Top 5 Password Decoder Tools?

There is a wide range of tools available in the marketplace, but one of the top 5 online password decoder tools is as follows:


The base64 online password decrypter is an essential online tool quite self-explanatory; it decodes passwords and encodes it quickly and easily. The Base64 encoding strategy is used when there is a necessity to decode binary data that needs to be transferred over media.

This ensures data integrity remains during the transfer, without any modifications during transport. Base64 is popular for its use in handling complex data in XML or JSON. It is used in a verity of applications such as in email services.

Decode md5

This password decoder follows the process to decrypt/encrypt Md5 automatically. The password decryptor md5 hash holds a footprint of 32 characters that can be used to identify the initial data. These hash functions are used in cryptography to identify any encrypted data.

Cisco type 7

The use of this tool follows a minimalistic approach by just copying and pasting the ‘type 7’ password in the given fields and simply hitting the submit button. The password decoder will then process and identify the password in plain text.


WebSphere is a password decoder tool that helps you decode online passwords instantly. Visit their site to decode an online password.


Axxius is another password decoder and enconder tool. All you have to do to decode a password is to add the password to the decode string. To encode the password, simply add the password in the encode string.

How do Password Decoder tools Work?

Security specialists utilize a password decryption tool through the use of two main methods that are brute force and dictionary searches. Firstly, brute force works by finding out all the possible combinations required to identify the correct password with the predetermined length until the computer system successfully identifies the combination.

Secondly, when opting for dictionary searches, a decoder loops through each word in the dictionary to obtain the correct password. These dictionaries exist across a wide range of topics, for instance, movies, video games, and many others.

Thirdly, hackers use rainbow attacks to convert hash values into plain text since whatever passwords are stored on the server are encrypted into a string of characters instead of placing it in plain text. These hackers try to decode password hash, and they do this by using the rainbow table that contains the list of all password hashes. There are many other methods utilized by cybersecurity specialists to identify passwords through ethical or unethical means.

A password decoder may also be used to retrieve encrypted passwords. After receiving the password from the computer’s memory, the application will be able to decrypt.