US Netflix on Apple TV

How To Get American Netflix On Apple TV via AirPlay

Apple has the habit of innovating ordinary technology in an efficient way, calling it by a new name each time. AirPlay is a similar technology by Apple, which involves wireless connection over Wi-Fi that allows devices to interact. If you have an Apple TV attached to your home theatre, you can use AirPlay right away. It requires no additional installations or apps to make it work.

What is AirPlay

Netflix US on Apple TV

With AirPlay, you have the option to duplicate your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook’s screen on your TV, for a more cinematic viewing experience. While playing a video, all you have to do is click menu and then select AirPlay. The video will automatically pop up on your Apple TV.

How to Get Netflix US on Apple TV?

Netflix has limited its content according to regions. Netflix users living in other countries do not get to access as much content as the users who are living in the US. This is because of the regional restrictions implemented by ISPs and regional broadcast authorities of different countries. Due to this region-based censorship, Netflix users do not get access to the same content even though they pay the same price.

Naturally, people are more interested in getting access to Netflix US, rather than Netflix of their own region. This is because the content present on Netflix US is by far best rated and has the best plots, unlike the content in other regions. So the question remains, how to get Netflix US on Apple TV.

Netflix US Apple TV

First, You Need a VPN

A VPN can allow you to change your virtual location to the US just by connecting to a server based in the US. This is done by masking your original IP address with a pseudo IP address, giving you a new online identity. After that, you can easily access any content that is restricted in your region on any device.

Netflix on Apple TV

Method 1: Configure PureVPN on your Wi-Fi

While there is no dedicated PureVPN app for Apple TV, you can easily configure PureVPN on your Wi-Fi router. After successfully doing do, you can enjoy default VPN functionality on all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi router, including your Apple TV.

Here is how to configure PureVPN on your Wi-Fi router:

  • Sign up for PureVPN
  • Go to your router’s admin panel
  • Click on VPN configurations
  • Enter your credentials, click save and exit

Once you have successfully configured VPN on your Wi-Fi router, your Apple TV will get VPN functionality by default and you will automatically get access to Netflix US.


Method 2: Install PureVPN on Your PC & Create a Hotspot

This method is much simpler and is recommended for users with little technical knowledge. All you need to do is install PureVPN on your PC or Mac, and connect it. After successful connection, create a mobile a hotspot and use that to connect your Apple TV. Since your PC has VPN enabled on it, the hotspot, with which you have now connected your Apple TV, will have VPN functionality on it too.

Why Get Netflix US on Apple TV?

Apple TV makes the streaming experience so much better. Now, with the latest TV hardware by the iPhone maker that offers Siri integration in the TV remote, the binge-watching has already reached a new level. Each day, another great new app makes it to the tvOS App Store, creating new entertainment possibilities for streamers around the world.

With such a great piece of hardware that knows no stopping, it’s a turn off if your Netflix app cannot offer you content from outside your region, such as from the Netflix US library. That’s right. If you live outside the US, you will not be able to access Netflix US, which is known to have twice as much content as any other library in the world.

Human nature demands more, and the quest to watch more becomes more intense for binge watchers. This makes Netflix US something that every streamer wants to have access to.


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