World Password Day

May 2, 2021, is World Password Day. It was created to raise awareness about the importance of using strong passwords, and how easy it is to improve your cyber defenses.

About World Password Day

World Password Day serves as an annual reminder of the importance of protecting yourself online via strong passwords, and always falls on the first Thursday of May. It is generally celebrated by baking cakes with ‘e9UBct*35TwhT&p/’e{:y}’, a strong password, iced onto them.
Just kidding. The day aims to help people improve the passwords they use for their online accounts, and give them resources to learn more about cybersecurity. So, whether you use the opportunity to change the passwords on your social media accounts, or start using multi-factor authentication for your online banking, happy World Password Day!

The Importance of Strong Passwords

Passwords are a big deal. Identity theft is a growing cybercrime, and weak passwords allow hackers to access your online accounts easily. You should use strong passwords even on accounts that you don’t use that often because if a hacker gains access to them, they can start collecting information about you.
Believe it or not, many, many people are still using ‘123456’ or ‘password’ to secure their accounts. That’s a bad idea because hackers can easily guess these passwords. Instead, you should use online password generators to make new passwords, or (even better) use multi-factor authentication.

The Expert View

Longer passwords are based on simple patterns, they will put you in just as much risk of having your identity stolen by hackers. – SplashData CEO Morgan Slain in WIRED

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There are several critical pieces of advice when it comes to using strong passwords. You should use an online password generator tool to create secure passwords that are hard to crack. You should use a unique password for each of your online accounts. You should change your passwords regularly, just in case your details are hacked or leaked. And you should never, ever, use ‘password’ as a password.

There are plenty of tools available to help you manage your passwords. Password managers are particularly useful because they will remember your passwords for you, even when these are long and complex.