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How To Change WiFi Password In 2 Minutes

WiFi security protocols aren’t robust enough to protect you against hackers and snoopers.

For ages, we believed that the types of WiFi security protocols like WPA2 could protect our network from successful hacking attempts. Boy, we couldn’t be more wrong!

Last year, we saw how a WiFi vulnerability, labeled KRACK, easily enabled hackers to decrypt our wireless network traffic, giving them unlimited access to our sensitive data.

Recently, we’ve learned that even the state-of-the-art security standard, WPA3, can also be breached due to a security flaw, DragonBlood. The vulnerability can allow any hacker to get access to your WiFi password.

To prevent your precious personal data from getting into wrong hands, you should develop a habit of changing your WiFi password. After all, password protection is the most basic yet significant aspect of online security.

Read on and learn how you can change WiFi password in just a few minutes.

How to Change WiFi Password

There are dozens and dozens of WiFi router brands available out there. And so, every router has a different user interface, dashboard, and settings.

how to change my wifi password

Find your desired router in the following list and click it to check out the complete tutorial:

How to Change Your Netgear WiFi Password

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Now, enter the username and password to proceed
  3. Once you are on the Home page, go to Wireless
  4. If you wish to change the router’s network name, enter a new name in the Name (SSID) field
  5. Now, go to the Password (Network Key) field and set your new password
  6. Once done, click the Apply button to apply the new settings

**Note: The Password (Network Key) field will be available when the user selects the Security Options.

How to Change Your Comcast Xfinity WiFi Password

  1. Launch your web browser and type 0.0.1
  2. To proceed, enter admin as the username and again admin as the password
  3. Once you are on the Home page, click Gateway
  4. Now, click Connection and then go to WiFi
  5. Find WiFi network and click Edit
  6. Set a new Network Password
  7. Click Save

How to Change Your AT&T WiFi Password

  1. Find the login address and credentials on the back or side of your WiFi router
  2. Enter the login address on the address bar, which might be something like 168.1.254
  3. Now, enter username and the password of the router to access
  4. Go to Wireless from the Home Page
  5. Set up a new name in the Network Name (SSID)
  6. Select the Use Custom Wireless Key option
  7. Enter a new network password or key
  8. Click Save

How to Change Your Verizon WiFi Password

  1. Make sure that you are connected to your home Verizon wireless network.
  2. Type 168.1.1 in your web browser
  3. Enter the username and password when prompted
  4. When you are logged in, click Wireless Settings
  5. Go to Security Menu and then Change Password
  6. Enter a new password for your wireless network

How to Change Your Cox WiFi Password

  1. Check the User Manual or the back of the router for Default Access details
  2. Now using the Default Access details, go to the home settings of your router
  3. Once you are on the Home page, click Wireless under the Basics category
  4. If you wish to change the network name, enter a new name in the Network Name (SSID)
  5. If you wish to change the password, select the security protocol and enter a new password
  1. Ensure you are connected to the TP-Link network
  2. Access router’s page by entering 168.1.1 (check the back of the router if it doesn’t work)
  3. Enter username and password to go to the router’s home page
  4. Under Wireless, go to Wireless Security
  5. Change the network name via the SSID field if you want
  6. Select the Security Type
  7. Enter a new password in the PSK Passphrase field
  8. Click Save
  9. If you are prompted to reboot, click OK

How to Change Your Spectrum WiFi Password

  1. Check for router’s access details on the sticker or the side or bottom of the WiFi router
  2. Type 168.0.1 in your browser and hit enter
  3. Enter the credentials as mentioned on the sticker
  4. Now, go to Network
  5. Select Wireless and then Gateway Name or SSID
  6. Enter a new password in the WPA Pre-Share Key field
  1. Connect to your CenturyLink network
  2. In your browser, type 168.0.1 to proceed
  3. Enter administrator username and administrator password
  4. Click Apply to proceed
  5. Go to Wireless Setup and then 4 GHz
  6. Now, go to Wireless Security
  7. Select the SSID that you need to edit
  8. Choose the desired protocol in the Set Security Type dropdown menu
  9. Select Use Custom Security Key Passphrase and set a new password
  10. Click Apply

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How to Reset WiFi Password If You’ve Forgotten It

Don’t worry if you have forgotten your newly created WiFi password. You can easily reset the WiFi password from your router.

However, there are some key pointers that you should know when it comes to router resetting:

  • Once you reset the router, all your previous router settings will be completely wiped out.
  • The router will reset all the settings to factory default
  • When you reset the router, you will need to tweak the settings from the beginning which may include your SSID name, WiFi password, security protocol, etc.

Now that you know what you will lose once you reset, let’s check out how to reset your WiFi password.

Every router has an option to reset the settings. However, the button usually isn’t visible. You would need a paperclip or any other thin pointed object to press and hold the router for a few seconds to reset it. Once the router is reset, you may turn it on and make the necessary changes in the settings.

Protect Your Wireless Network Traffic with a VPN

It wouldn’t be wise to limit yourself to passwords alone. After all, passwords only act as a protective safeguard which can be breached through numerous ways. Instead, you should always go for a more robust and effective solution.

Why Not Setup a VPN on Your Router ?

PureVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption which is the same security measure used by military and intelligence agencies across the globe. How does our military-grade encryption protect your data? You might wonder.

When your entire network traffic goes through our encrypted VPN tunnels, hackers and eavesdroppers won’t be able to see let alone steal your data. In fact, your data would remain secure even in the event of a MITM attack.

PureVPN also offer a dedicated Secure WiFi option in our Android app for top-notch protection when you’re on the go. If you active Secure WiFi, you will be asked to connect to the VPN before joining an unsecured WiFi network. Moreover, if you activate Connect on Cellular, the VPN will be connected automatically when you connect to your cellular network.

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Can I Change My WiFi Password from My Phone?

Indeed, you can. Be it Android, iOS, or any other mobile operating system, you can easily change your router’s password by using the same tutorial mentioned above. Since the password is changed from the router’s web access and not a standalone app, you would get the same screen on your mobile phone.

How to Change WiFi Password on Mac?

Routers don’t usually have standalone apps or any other standalone clients. Instead, these devices use a web client so that users can easily tweak the router’s settings with ease, regardless of the screens. Therefore, use the above mentioned tutorials for your Mac.

How to Setup a Strong WiFi Password?

A strong password should always be a collection of random characters and 17 characters or so in length.  Therefore, use a mix of uppercase/lowercase letters, special symbols, numbers, etc. when you are creating passwords. Moreover, always avoid using any dictionary words, variations of your names, or any other common words when creating passwords.

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