Watch Disney Plus in Mexico

Published: January 26, 2021

While Disney Plus is still not available in many countries, you can still watch it with PureVPN for just $0.99. Use PureVPN to watch Disney Plus in Mexico and get rid of lockdown stress.

Watch Disney+ in Mexico

2019 has been an excellent year for many reasons, with the significant reason being the launch of the most-awaited, Disney+ streaming service. However, not many are happy with the one decision the service has made, i.e., to launch its services to a few regions at a time.

When will Disney Plus launch in Mexico?

The latest kid in town made its debut on November 12, 2019. The service has first opened its doors to a select few countries, including the Netherlands, the United States and Canada. Later, it spread its wings to cover added regions like Australia, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. For now, Disney+ officials have revealed the expansion of the service to only European and Latin American regions by 2020. Unfortunately, there’s no such news about the launch of the service in the North American region or, specifically, Mexico. But there’s no reason to lose heart when you have a solution to this problem.

How to Watch Disney Plus in Mexico?

Disney Plus and other similar streaming services monitor the IP address of a user to track their location. So, for instance, if you are trying to access the service through a Mexican IP, Disney+ would immediately flag the IP and restrict your access to the service. Likewise, DNS Filtering is another blocking mechanism that service may use to track and limit access to certain web services. To get around the problem with ease, what you only need to do is to spoof your IP and, thus, your actual location. And, spoofing your location is no big deal at all when you are using a VPN service such as PureVPN. Here’s how:

  • Subscribe to your desired PureVPN plan
  • Download and install the app or the browser extension
  • Launch the app or extension using the credentials
  • Go to the country listings and connect to the US server
  • Once the connection is made, visit Disney+ service
  • Enjoy Disney Plus in Mexico right away!

Disney+: How to Subscribe Now?

Since Disney+ is available to only a select few regions, the service isn’t putting much focus on expanding its payment options. Therefore, the current payment options available today are either PayPal or the traditional credit cards from the country where the service is available for access. However, if you wish to access the service from Mexico, you can go for other alternative payment options. For instance, you can subscribe to the service via the iTunes gift card. Or, if you are an Android user, you can go for a Google gift card option.

In fact, the gift card option is best for even those users who have access to Disney+ payment and want to have their friends and family access to such amazing service as well. And who knows, the streaming service may introduce a gift card of its own.

What’s on Disney+?

Disney Plus packs one of the best content libraries on the internet. The fact that the streaming service has added a boatload of Marvel flicks to its inventory makes the service more amazing. Perhaps, its content library that has attracted over 20 million users in a few months.

Anyway, there’s a mix of TV shows as well as movies on Disney+ that comes from the production houses of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and more. Among the top-rated shows on Disney+ is the Mandalorian that follows the epic story of Star Wars. Soon, more entertaining shows are going to make their way to Disney Plus ever-growing library

Final Words

To get your hands on the unlimited supply of entertaining content, you would need seamless access to Dsiney+ in Mexico. And, to do that, you would need a Disney+ VPN that offers easy accessibility and constantly fastest speeds. The only VPN that ticks all the boxes is PureVPN.

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