Dedicated Streaming Servers

Experience Fastest Streaming Across All Channels

Streaming is one of the important reasons for seeking a VPN service, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we know it very well!
After all, most of the premium streaming services, with unparalleled position in the industry, are either only available in specific regions or offer specific content to certain regions. Such content filtering is usually the result of lack of or limited domestic broadcasting license.

But you don’t need to fret anymore. PureVPN owns and operates 2,000 servers in 140 countries including the US, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany and more. Moreover, we have dedicated servers on our network that are specially optimized to meet the distinct needs of our users. Therefore, you will find dedicated streaming servers on our network that are built using high-spec components and, thus, promise to deliver top speeds at all times.

With just a click of your mouse, you can instantly connect to the location of your choice, get the desired IP address and experience flawless streaming which is free from buffering or stuttering.

Here’s why you need the dedicated streaming servers of PureVPN:

  • Servers availability in all the prime regions
  • Regularly maintained high-speed servers
  • 99.99% uptime all year long
  • Built to bypass ISP throttling
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