How to pick up free wifi internet from far away

Ideally, a WiFi signal can reach up to 200 meters, but whether it is usable or not is debatable. That is because physical barriers like walls also need to be accounted for as they severely degrade the WiFi range.

A Slow WiFi can also be a result of bandwidth throtlling by your ISP, in which case you can try hiding your IP from your provider.

pick up free internet from far away

If you want to connect to your neighbor’s wifi, which is a mile away, then the only way to get free internet from that far away is to have a directional antenna with a line of sight, or in layman terms, no barriers in between.

What is a Directional Antenna?

A directional is a radio frequency wireless antenna designed to be more powerful than ordinary routers/modems. Directional antennas function more effectively because they are able to pick up signals better from a specific direction.

The most common commercial application of directional antennas is the dish used with satellite internet and television installations.

So let’s say your router is not able to pick up a wifi signal from 500 meters away. A directional antenna will pick up the weaker or distant signals. However, this is done by decreasing their ability to pick up wifi internet signals from other directions.

What is Line Of Sight?

Line of Sight (LoS) is when the transmitter and receiver are in view of each other without any barriers or obstacles between them.

You could obtain a line of sight between your household and your neighbor’s by setting up a high frequency (point-to-point) P2P link. You can do this by building a small tower on your roof.

If you are new to wireless communications, it would be best to first check local regulations, and if they allow, you hire a contractor to install the system for you.

Bear in mind that radio communication systems like the one suggested above are costly. Such systems go beyond the definition of a regular WiFi connection and can cost up to $10,000, in which case, you may be better off paying for an internet connection inside your home.

How To Get Cheap Internet Anywhere?

You will find free wifi hotspots around you everywhere, be it your favorite restaurant or cafe. According to our tests, McDonald’s Free WiFi has the best free internet in terms of download/upload speeds and ease of connectivity.

Moreover, there are other legal ways to get free or cheap internet access. is a program for citizens with low-income who can not afford to buy their own private internet connection. So if you are a student, you can get access to free internet without a cable and easily browse free lessons online to compete with your peers.

Likely, if you are a light internet user, you can opt for Freedom Pop, which gives you 2GB of mobile data by paying a small deposit and from the second month you receive 500 Mbps worth of free internet.


Considering you are trying to get free internet from far away, it is better to go for the cheaper options available to you.

However, if you are just struggling to get Wi-Fi Signals inside your household, it could be that your router is placed in a dead zone and re-positioning it should solve your problem.

If not, then you can use a WiFi range extender to boost Wi-Fi signals.