How to boost your WiFi Signal

To boost wireless signals, WiFi extenders, also known as WiFi boosters, are a simple and eco-friendly way to revive the dead zones back to life.

If you are experiencing a slow internet speed, however, it can be the result of your ISP throttling the bandwidth. In this case, you can try hiding your IP.

Boosting WiFi Signal Strength

The reason for obstructed coverage is due to the interference of devices such as your home appliances, architectural structure, and other factors which contribute to a sheer loss in the WiFi signal. The most powerful routers can even sometimes fail to produce enough wireless signal range to cover a wider area.

WiFi extenders, also known as Wi-Fi boosters, are the most effective when it comes to boosting wireless signals and countering dead zones.

There are 5 scenarios where purchasing a WiFi booster can bring a drastic improvement in extending WiFi range to get seamless connectivity to dead zones.

Eliminate dead zones

There are places at your home where you don’t get any WiFi signal. These areas are known as dead zones or blind spots scattered across your vicinity, where your WiFi suddenly drops off from the connected devices.

In some situations, you might have tried to alter the WiFi settings on your router just to improve WiFi signal, but failed to do so due to the layout of your house. This makes it necessary to buy a WiFi extender that can help eliminate dead zones and instantly connect your internet-enabled devices.

Eliminate spots with slow WiFi

Maybe the positioning of your router not optimal and fails to reach out to the entire house. For instance, if your router is situated upstairs in your home, but you are downstairs most of the time, then it becomes useless to place the router in that area.

However, some people bear with these kinds of situations and still work around anytime they can. There might be places where you would want to Skype your friend or play a video game online, but instead suffer through slow WiFi problems. A WiFi booster may be a solution to your problem. The device can aid in extending WiFi signal at a cost-effective price.

Speed up internet

WiFi boosters or extenders not only have the primary focus of improving Wireless signal but are also used to drastically boost up internet speeds and additional features to your WiFi network. This allows you to upgrade to the fastest WiFi technology including the 802.11 ac speeds, without any trouble to switch the router.

If you own a WiFi router that doesn’t support the 802.11 ac standard, then it is not supporting the fastest internet speeds, provided by your Internet Service Provider. These extenders come under a bundled package of exciting new features to help improve the efficiency of the device such as eco-friendly power consumption, dual-band WiFi, beamforming, and many other features.

Reach far ends of your house

A large house would mean the existence of dead zones and that a single router won’t suffice to provide coverage to such a large area. If you have a larger home, try to find the most central location of your home and strategically place the router. If that doesn’t help out, then the only solution would be to add a WiFi extender to extend WiFi range, reaching out to the far points of your home.

Get WiFi outside your house

As the need for WiFi grows, it will become necessary to have a powerful internet connection that covers a larger radius. This means, your WiFi should even stay connected outside your house, for instance, near the poolside, garage, garden, and other locations. In this case, a WiFi booster will prove to be the best option ensuring you get WiFi coverage in your outdoor area, and not end up spending your valuable mobile data.

Configure a VPN on your extender

A VPN will encrypt the connection between the internet and the device it is installed on. The requests from the device to connect to the internet are gathered and directed through a secured tunnel (VPN server) which prevents a third party like your Internet service provider to collect your data or read your browsing activities.

Best Wi-Fi Boosters We Recommend

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  • Asus AC5300
  • Linksys WRT3200
  • TP-Link
  • DD-WRT