How to Get Google Voice Number outside the US

The easiest way to get a Google Voice number outside the United States is to use an American phone number with a VPN connection. In this short guide, we will explain how you can easily get a Google Voice number.

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Google Voice is a telephonic serve that lets you make local and international calls and lets you send as many text messages you want all for the price of zero. It’s free. However, since the service is only available in the United States, not everyone can take advantage of this incredible service. This is because certain regional limitations prevent users from accessing Google Voice.

That said, we are going to be showing you how you can use Google Voice Number from anywhere in the world. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How Can I Setup Google Voice Account Outside the US

Now, with a feature as incredible as this, you might think that the setup process might be quite complicated, but, in reality, it’s the complete opposite. Its process is quite easy. You can easily set up Google Voice within a matter of minutes. Just follow the steps below and start making free calls in no time:

  • First things first, get a US Phone Number. You can refer to the guide on how you can get a US phone number
  • Once you have attained a US Phone Number, download and launch Express Talk softphone
  • Activate your US phone number
  • Open up on your web browser
  • If the website prompts you a message stating the service is now available to you.
  • Simply get PureVPN, log in, and connect to a US server location. Refresh the page after doing so.
  • Choose a Google Voice Number
  • Enter the US area code and select the number you like, or the one that is available to you
  • Once that is done, enter your US phone number
  • Now click on “Call Me Now” and let the service call you on your number. You will receive a call on your Express Talk software
  • Using the dial pad, enter the confirmation code to verify your number
  • And that’s about it. You are now good to go.

You can use the following steps to enable free calls and messages on both Android and iOS, as well. Apps such as Hangouts and GV VoIP beta work well on both platforms.

Benefits of Using a Google Voice Number

From what we have told you about the Google Voice service, you already have an idea of what this service is and what you can use it for. However, to make you better understand Google Voice and its features, here are some benefits you can get from using such a service.

  • Make calls all over the world, even if you don’t have the Google Voice application
  • Your Google Voice number allows you to make free calls over any internet connection, including Wi-Fi. This is accessible through Google’s hangout application.
  • Send an unlimited number of texts and messages anywhere in the world.

How Does a Google Phone Number Work?

A Google Phone number is a functional telecom service offered by Google that can help you make or receive calls or text messages and check voicemail. You have to create a Google Voice account to sign up for a Google phone number. After that, you can choose a number based on the location, specific digits, and the area code.

You can now link an existing phone number to the new Google phone number. After that, you can quickly receive calls and text messages on your unique phone number. Call or text via the Google Voice application or the main website.

The best part is the voicemail services you can use to receive messages from loved ones or co-workers. And you get to access all the incoming voicemails via the Google Voice app or the Google Voice website. You can use extra Google Voice features ranging from call blocking, call screening, and tailored voicemail recording to call recording.

How to Get a Google Phone Number for a Business

Follow the steps mentioned below to sign up for a business Google phone number:

Step #1: Get a Google Workspace account

First, you must purchase a Google Workspace account, which will cost you $6 monthly. This is mandatory for all Google Voice business users. With a Google Workspace account, you can access many unique features, such as incoming business emails and detailed event calendars.

Step #2: Offer information

Moreover, you have to provide relevant information that includes the country name, your website domain, business name, and number of employees working in an organization.

But the only downside is that Google Voice business is only accessible in the US, Canada, and a few parts of Europe. And you need to use a VPN to change the IP address and access Google Voice business in your country.

Step #3: Pick a Google Voice Plan

In the next step, select a Google Voice business plan. You can pick one of the pricing plans, including the Starter, Standard, and Premier plans. Remember that you must pay the monthly fees after paying for Google Workspace.

You might experience a few limitations on the Google Voice business plan because unlimited messages are only available in the USA. The main downside is the Google Voice business. If you need to use more features, buy a more extensive plan or get a VPN.

Step #4: Get a Google Voice phone number

Afterward, pick a Google Voice number for your business. You must enter the city name or the area code you want a local number for. Moreover, Google Voice business only works with toll-free numbers that can highlight the global presence of your business.

Plus, you can only pick one number on some accounts and are looking for a phone number to provide customer support and a sales team.

Step #5: Verify Google Voice Business Number

For the next step, you must verify the Google Voice business number, which can be a mobile or landline. Once you enter the mobile phone number, Google Voice will send you a six-digit verification code for your phone number.

You can now sign in to the Google Voice phone number via the mobile app or the website.

Are Google numbers free?

You can get a Google Voice business number for free. But there are a few restrictions that you might face with free Google Voice numbers.

  • You can make as many calls as possible and send and receive multiple text messages.
  • You can make free calls to anyone living in the US or Canada. But you must pay extra to make calls outside the US or Canada.
  • Google Voice calls don’t consume a lot of data, but you still need to be mindful about making calls or text messages.
  • Also, the call carrier company might charge you for the messages and calls for your new Google Voice phone numbers.
  • You can use a few premium features, like international call credits, including associated costs.

Can I get a free US number with Google Voice?

The short answer is yes. You can pick a new phone number from the given choices when signing up for Google Voice accounts. But remember that the phone numbers are primarily based in the US. Getting a free US number with Google Voice is the same as mentioned above.

How to sign up for Google Voice

All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Google Voice app or website.
  • Sign in to your existing Google account.
  • Go through the terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Select Accept or Agree to go to the next step.
  • You will then see a prompt to check the new phone number.
  • Look for the phone numbers according to the area code, location, and unique digits./li>
  • Pick a phone number that you like.
  • You must verify the phone number and receive a verification code on the same Google Voice number.
  • After this, you can create a voicemail.

How Much Does a Google Phone Number Cost?

Google Voice phone numbers start from $10 per month and go higher to $30 per month.

  • With the $10 package, you can have ten numbers of users but need help picking a regional location of your choice. You can call anyone in the US or Canada with unlimited text messaging.
  • With the $20 package, you can use unlimited users with multiple regional and domestic locations. But you still need help getting an international site. On top of this, you get eDiscovery for incoming calls, text messages, and voice recordings.
  • With the $30 package, you get all the above benefits, advanced reporting (BigQuery), and automatic ad-hoc user call recording.

Do I need VPN for Google Voice?

Yes, you need a VPN to use the Google Voice phone number. You can change your IP address to the US and get a Google Voice phone number quickly. The following steps can help you create a Google Voice phone number using a VPN and will let you know how to get a Google US number without being worried.

      • Download and install PureVPN
      • Log in to the VPN application via your username and password.
      • Sign up for a new phone number on the Google Voice website.
      • Pick a business or personal phone number based on your preference.
      • Sign in to your Gmail account by following the instructions mentioned in the prompt.
      • Enter your phone number to enable two-factor authentication.
      • Follow the step-by-step instructions to use TextNow and get a free US phone number.
      • Now submit the Google Voice authentication code.

Does Google know if I use a VPN?

Google can still know your physical location even if you have connected the device to a VPN. If you use a VPN service, your IP address and internet service provider will remain hidden, not your geographical location. You might feel weird when Google Maps starts tracking your site but not your IP address.

Here are a few reasons why Google knows your actual location with a VPN connection:

        • WiFi tracking: Google uses a system called WiFi tracking to locate the region you are in. Using GPS to track location is similar to WiFi tracking because it can quickly pinpoint the location. 
        • Google account: Your Google account can tell the actual location based on your account. Google can track the location based on your signup information. Plus, a few Google searches can triangulate your location. 
        • GPS: The GPS functionality in your mobile device can help Google track and pinpoint the location. Unless you turn off the GPS location, Google can keep tracking your location. 
        • Cookies: Most websites store files on your computer as cookies to track your data and notify you about future visits, from adding basic information related to the account to location details and logins that allow Google to know your location.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Voice a US number?

Yes, Google Voice is only available in the US. Google Workspace is available only in selected countries like the US and Canada. But you can always use a VPN service to get a Google Voice US phone number in any region, whether in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, France, Italy, or anywhere else.

How do I get a virtual US number?

Using Google Voice to get a virtual US number is a free and viable option. But other premium options exist to get a virtual US number, such as Tossable Digits, eVoice, Vnumber, and CallHippo.

How can I get a US WhatsApp number for free?

A few service providers can help you get a US WhatsApp number without cost. Some of them include TextNow (free or pay $9.99 to get rid of ads), SMS-MAN (5-day free trial), Hushed (lifetime fee for only $25), and Talkatone (free).