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How to Access Wikipedia When it’s Unavailable?

You can get around geographical boundaries with just a few clicks.

Wikipedia VPN


to PureVPN.

Wikipedia VPN


and install the app on your streaming device.

Wikipedia VPN


Wikipedia is now accessible

Countries with Limited Access to Wikipedia

Being locked out of Wikipedia’s never ending information cave is something you must have never thought could happen to you. With the service unavailable in numerous countries, it’s only wise to use a Wikipedia VPN.
Here are the countries which have restricted access to Wikipedia:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wikipedia

If you have questions about Wikipedia VPN and how it can help you, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Wikipedia’s VPN?

Wikipedia VPN is a fast, secure and unlimited bandwidth service for Wikipedia. With Wikipedia VPN, you can easily access Wikipedia in countries where it’s unavailable.

How do I setup a Wikipedia VPN?

Setting up a Wikipedia VPN is simple. First, you must sign up for the VPN service. Second, you must install the app on your device. Third, login with your credentials. Once connected, you’re all set!

Wikipedia and VPN: What Could It Mean for Users?

Users can expect armor-plated security of their online activities. Once connected, you can conveniently access Wikipedia from any corner of the world.

Does a VPN keep you anonymous from Wikipedia?

A Wikipedia VPN keeps your online presence anonymous from everyone, whatsoever. You can rest assured about your online identity as AES 256-bit encryption keeps you protected against prying eyes at all times.