How to Turn off Google Voice on your Smartphone

Google Assistant is your own personal Google. It’s an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that’s available on smartphones and smart home devices. It is by far one of the coolest voice assistant system software that is super helpful if you’ve got integrated devices.

Whether it’s setting a reminder to get your groceries or answering to commands from the TV, Google Assistant is popular among many. At the same time, it has come to light that the virtual assistant potentially listens to private conversations without you prompting the device to record anything. For whatever reason it is that you want to turn off Google Assistant, this guide will help you out.

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How to Deactivate Google Assistant on Your Devices

Here’s how to turn off Google Assistant on one of your devices:

  • Open the Google app on your phone

    turn off google assistant
  • Tap More at the bottom right

    turn off google assistant
  • Tap Settings

    turn off google assistant
  • Tap Google Assistant

    turn off google assistant
  • Head down to Assistant devices and tap on Phone or any other device you have listed where you want to turn Google Assistant off

    turn off google assistant
  • Tap the Google Assistant toggle to turn it off

    turn off google assistant

What’s interesting is that you can also command Google Assistant to turn itself off. Simply say, “Hey Google, turn yourself off” and you’ll get directions on how to turn off Google Assistant.

How to Change Your Google Assistant Settings

The method to customize your google voice settings is:

  • Head over to your devices’ Settings and tap Apps
  • Tap the three dots at the top right for more options
  • Tap Default apps
  • Tap Device assistance app
  • Depending on your smartphone, you’ll come across several settings that your device allows you to change. Note that they will be different on each device.
  • Tap the gear icon and you’ll come across more options. Tap Voice Match
  • You can now toggle off Access with Voice Match, but leave on While driving

You may want to make certain changes in the way Google Assistant works on your device. From turning off specific triggers to further customizing your Google Assistant experience, you can do so much with the app.

You can turn off voice commands to stop Google Assistant from triggering accidentally, but at the same time, you would still like the app to function properly when you’re driving. That’s all you can do by following the above provided steps.

How to Temporarily Turn Off Google Assistant on Smart Home Devices

Whether you have a smart clock, smart display, or a smart speaker and you want to turn Google Assistant off temporarily, you can easily do it.

Note that you can also turn off Google Assistant at specific times. Simply head over to the Downtime option within the Google Home app. Here’s the process:

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Tap Home and select a device
  • Tap the Settings gear icon
  • Tap Digital Wellbeing > New Schedule
  • Choose any device(s) you want to apply it to, then tap Next.
  • Select the days and choose a preset schedule or create a custom schedule, then tap Next
  • Choose Start and End times, then Next > Done

That’s all it takes to turn off Google Assistant on your smart home devices temporarily. In the future, if you ever want to reverse any of these settings, you can do so by following the same process.

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