How to Install Alluc Addon in Kodi

Published: Jan 6, 2021

If you’re an avid streamer and want to give Alluc add-on a try in 2021, this exclusive guide is all you need. We have split it into three different parts to make it comprehensive for everyone:

  1. How to Install Alluc Addon in Kodi 18
  2. How to Use Alluc Addon in Kodi 18
  3. Common Bug/Error Fixes for Alluc Addon

Alluc has been an extremely desirable add-on in the Kodi streaming community for almost a decade. Some of you must have already used it and those who haven’t are missing out a lot of ‘fun’ from Kodi.

What’s Alluc Addon

Alluc is not exactly a ‘streaming service’ itself and doesn’t host any of its own content. It is a website that offers free streaming links from other sources. As of today, Alluc boasts tons of thousands of movies and TV shows (new and old), all from other streaming sites. While you may think that it could be potentially dangerous to follow links from unknown sources, Alluc developers make sure to remove any dead or malicious links.

Is it Legal to use Alluc Addon?

Since streaming and legality are always subjected to complexity; thus, it’s a rather grey area than black or white. In many countries downloading or hosting content that the viewer doesn’t have rights to is illegal. But since Alluc doesn’t host any of its own content and serves as a directory of links redirecting to other sites instead, it’s safe to assume that Alluc is legal.
Legal aspects also depend upon where you live. For instance, in most countries, it is legal to watch content but downloading or hosting isn’t. While in some regions like EU, streaming content from unofficial sources itself is prohibited.

Is Alluc Safe to Use?

As discussed above, all links posted on Alluc are first inspected by the developers for any malware to eliminate or at the very least, minimize all security risks. However, the security concerns with Alluc being a third-party addon are still there. So if you’re conscious about your data and privacy, you may resort to a useful Kodi VPN to enjoy a safe and private streaming experience.

How to Install Alluc on Kodi 18

Follow these steps carefully to install Alluc in Kodi 18 Leia version.

  1. Download Kodi 18 version (if not downloaded already)
  2. Go to Kodi’s home screen, then click on ‘add-ons’ from the ‘settings’ menu
  3. Now check the ‘unknown sources’ tab to enable Kodi to install Alluc
  4. Download Alluc’s zip file and save it somewhere easily accessible
  5. Go back to Kodi’s home screen, click ‘add-ons’ and choose ‘add-on browser.’
  6. Choose ‘install from zip file’ by locating the zip file you saved before
  7. Wait for the add-on enabled notification
  8. Go back to the home screen again and open ‘settings.’
  9. Open ‘file manager’ and then click on ‘add source.’
  10. Add sources in the top box and bottom box
  11. Open Kodi’s home screen again, choose ‘add-ons’ and then ‘add-on browser.’
  12. Click on ‘install from zip file’ and wait for the add-on enabled notification
  13. Click on ‘install from repository’ and then choose ‘install’ and wait for the notification to pop up
  14. Click on ‘install from repository’ then choose ‘video/music/program’ add-ons
  15. Choose ‘Alluc’ and wait for the notification
  16. Alluc is now ready to use

How to use Alluc in Kodi 18

Once Alluc has been set up, here’s how you can use it to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

  1. Go to Kodi’s home screen
  2. Go to ‘add-ons’ and choose ‘video add-ons.’
  3. Choose ‘Alluc’
  4. A welcome window will pop up for the latest Alluc version. Choose ‘next’ to begin
  5. Now a disclaimer will appear, click ‘accept.’
  6. Now you’ll be given two options to run Alluc. ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced.’ You can use the ‘advanced mode’ to run Transmogrifier or Water Sochak. But for now, let’s stick to the basic mode to keep things simple
  7. Now a screen with the list of languages will appear. You can choose multiple languages to stream content in, but here we’ll stick to ‘English’ only and choose ‘next.’
  8. If you don’t have an Alluc account already, register for a free account on, the sign up is very simple, and you’ll be required to share basic information like your email address.
  9. Now type in your Alluc credentials (username and password) into the setup wizard on Kodi and choose ‘next.’
  10. Now, choose ‘authorize’ if you want to link your account with your Alluc activity. If you don’t use, then choose ‘finish setup.’
  11. You’ll be notified once the setup has finished. Choose ‘close’ to start using Alluc

Common Bug/Error Fixes for Alluc Addon

While using Alluc, you may encounter some pesky errors to interrupt your streaming experience. Down below, we have outlined some common ones along with their quick fixes.

Login Errors

Once you’ve installed Alluc and accepted the disclaimer, you may receive an error preventing you from logging in if you try to run Alluc in basic or advanced mode. Solution:
This error pops up mostly when your Alluc account hasn’t been registered successfully. Go to and make sure that you’ve clicked on the account confirmation link sent to your email inbox.

No Results Found

When you search for a specific show in Alluc, you’re presented with a list of searches. But sometimes you may receive a ‘no results found’ error.


Most of the time, this error has nothing to do with addon itself. There are chances that your search has no results available in theAlluc directory. You can double check your query here