How To Watch NBA On Kodi – Stream Live With The Best Add-ons

Published: Jan 22, 2021

If you are traveling somewhere outside the US or Canada and don’t want to miss out on your NBA basketball games, we have good news for you. You can check out the following guide on how to watch NBA on Kodi via the best NBA add-ons and catch all the seasons live from anywhere in the world.

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Best NBA Kodi Add-Ons [Official & Third-Party Add-ons]

Kodi has an extensive range of repositories and add-ons available for users. The add-ons are usually categorized into official and third-party. The official add-ons offer official streaming options. However, most of the official add-ons need a subscription to watch the live content such as NBA sports. Third-party add-ons, on the other hand, mostly provide free streaming options.
We’ve scoured Kodi’s official and unofficial add-on gallery to list the most popular add-ons. Let’s take a quick look at them.

NBA League Pass Add-on (Official)

If you have the league pass subscription, you can easily catch most of the regular NBA seasons through this add-on. Since it is an official add-on, you can find it in Kodi’s default repository and install it with a few clicks (more on it later).
The problem with the NBA league pass is that it might experience a blackout if the event is being broadcasted on a local channel. Moreover, people living outside the US might not be able to connect to it due to location restrictions.

Sportsnet Now Add-on (Official)

Another official add-on, Sportsnet requires a premium subscription which starts at $24.99 per month. The add-on is associated with a Canadian network and, thus, it has the broadcasting license for up to 40 regular NBA seasons. For sports fanatics, Sportsnet Now might come as a holy grail because it offers a good number of NHL matches, MLB as well as Premier League games. Once you install the add-on, you only need to add your Sportsnet Now credentials to get started.

ESPN Player Add-on (Official)

ESPN Player is also a potential contender in the add-ons list as it offers both on-demand and live streaming features. The subscription starts at $10 per month. However, if you need only a one-day pass, you can get it for $7.

USTV Now (Official)

USTV Now has some of the biggest libraries of sports when it comes to sports add-ons. The add-on offers up to 7 free sports channels. However, if you are interested in more channels, you can unlock 29 more channels for $19.99. On the USTV Now add-on, you can catch all of the sports broadcasted on ESPN as well as the ABC network.

Popcorn TV Add-on (Third-Party)

Popcorn TV is a widely-popular add-on that provides users with a treasure trove of online content such as on-demand movies, TV shows, sports, live channels and more. Luckily, you can also catch Live NBA sports streaming on the add-on for free.

UK Turk Playlist Add-on (Third-Party)

The add-on boasts a heavy volume of content from various countries, especially the US and the UK. It offers completely free streaming options, including sports streaming. The add-on frequently switches repositories to evade the suspecting eyes of copyright trolls.

How To Install The Official NBA League Pass On Kodi

Now that we have listed some of the most popular official and third-party Kodi add-ons for NBA, let’s get down to the installation guide. We are using the NBA League Pass add-on as an example:

  1. Launch the Kodi application
  2. Go to the Add-ons option
  3. Go to the Package Installer at the top left corner
  4. Now, click Install from Repository
  5. Go to Kodi Add-on Repository and then Video Add-ons
  6. Double-click NBA League Pass and Install
  7. Wait for the add-on to be switched to Enabled
  8. Head back to the Home screen
  9. Go to Add-ons and then Video Add-ons
  10. Scroll to find the NBA League Pass add-on
  11. Sign into the add-on using your League Pass subscription
  12. Enjoy NBA live on Kodi from anywhere

**Note: You can only install the official add-ons with the aforementioned guidelines. For third-party add-ons, you first need to download and install the repository of the respective add-on.

Why Do You Need a VPN To Watch NBA On Kodi?

Kodi is a user-friendly entertainment hub. It provides users with a one-stop solution to stream a wide-range of content, be it sports, movies, documentaries and even live channels.
The application is powered by add-ons, which are available inside repositories. The downside is that not every add-on is available in every region. Secondly, some popular add-ons, such as sports, experience blackouts which leaves users infuriated and unable to stream the content.
Here, a virtual private network comes as the only tool capable of solving this dreadful problem. With a dynamic range of security and anonymity features such as encryption and anonymous IP addresses, a VPN helps users spoof their location and bypass all restrictions.