How to Watch Netflix UK from Abroad

Whether you are in the US or anywhere else, use PureVPN to watch Netflix UK. This means you can access Netflix UK anywhere and kill boredom at home.

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How to Watch Netflix UK from Overseas?

Simply follow the steps below to watch Netflix UK from anywhere:

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Can I Watch Netflix UK While Traveling Abroad?

A few years back, Netflix UK was only available to residents of the UK. So, for instance, if you were living in, let’s say, the US, the only way through which you could access Netflix UK was if you had traveled there. Now, things are a little different as with the invention of VPNs, you can now explore the entire world, all by sitting in the comfort of your own home. Now, if you want to access Netflix, you only need to turn on PureVPN, connect to a UK server, and voila, Netflix UK account is now available to you.

Netflix UK available countries
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Best Movies and Shows Available only on Netflix Canada

Netflix uk

Cold Case Files (2017)

Cold Case Files is a TV show exclusive to Netflix UK, which follows a series of different cold cases, featuring everything from victims’ death to criminal convictions. The series features a total of 10 episodes, each featuring a different case and mystery. Plus, what makes this series stand out is the fact that it is narrated by the iconic Danny Glover.

Netflix uk

A Simple Favor (2018)

A Simple Favor is an American mystery, thriller film which features moments of dark humor and comedy. It is directed by Paul Feig and stars actors like Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. The story follows a small-town video-blogger who tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of her best friend. However, along the way, she soon realizes that her best friend was not who she thought she was.

Netflix uk

Once Upon a Time in London (2019)

Once Upon a Time in London is a British crime film directed by Simon Rumley, starring Leo Gregory, Terry Stone, Holly Earl, Dominic Keating, and Geoff Bell. It follows the lives of two of the most notorious gangsters of London, Billy Hill, and Jack Comer. Well, you can expect action, thrill, and everything else that comes in between while watching this incredible 2019 movie.

Who is using a VPN for Netflix UK?

users percentage who use netflix with vpn

PureVPN has been helping thousands of streamers to access the Netflix content from different parts of the world.

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The Best VPN for Netflix UK

The world is filled with VPNs, some free, some paid, however, PureVPN is one which is better than all of them. If you don’t believe us, you can check out these other benefits you get from using a PureVPN for Netflix UK:

Traveling to another country for vacations or a business trip is something people look forward to as it always them to experience the world. However, when you are in the middle of your favorite TV show’s season or are just a few days away from the release of the most anticipated movie of the year, traveling during those times can be quite annoying.

Living abroad, away from your friends and family, is hard enough. Things become worse if you don’t get to stream your favorite TV show and movies. Now, if you want, you can call over your friends and have a night out, but that is something that you cannot do every night. So what can you do? Well, simply get a PureVPN connection and watch your favorite content on Netflix UK.

Netflix is now available almost everywhere on this planet. However, in every country, the available content is different from other places. So, for instance, you want to watch Netflix UK content, the only you can watch it is through the UK version of Netflix. However, with PureVPN, you have access to the entire library of Netflix movies and TV shows, including every single country’s exclusive titles.

Most VPNs come with slower internet speeds as they force your entire internet connection to run under its services. This can get really frustrating, especially when it comes to streaming as you end up with instances of buffering. However, with PureVPN, you get Split Tunneling, which is a unique feature that allows you to pre-decide which websites you want to run with PureVPN and which of them you want to run freely. This helps you maintain your internets speeds, all the while granting you access to the entire internet.

One of the other benefits you get from using PureVPN is complete internet anonymity. Now, for someone who is only using the internet for streaming purposes, might think that what good is this feature for him/her. Well, your computer saves a lot of your information, including your passwords and locations which if gone in the wrong hands can be quite bad for you. So, having such a feature in place can be quite helpful.

How to Watch UK Netflix with VPN
Frequently Asked Questions

Simply download PureVPN, connect to a UK server location and once that is down, go to the App Store and download Netflix. Log in, and you now have access to Netflix UK on your iPhone.

£8.99 per month is the price of the Netflix Standard Plan. The cheapest membership is for £5.99 per month, while the premium costs £11.99 per month.

For all our viewers in the United States who wish to watch Netflix UK in the US, we have you covered. Follow the steps below and get started today:

  1. Download PureVPN
  2. Connect to a UK server location
  3. Go to Netflix and voila, you have Netflix UK

Canadians, who wish to watch Netflix UK in Canada, follow the steps below and get streaming today:

  1. Download and install PureVPN
  2. Connect to the UK
  3. Netflix UK is now accessible

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