How to Fix “Netflix Not Working on Chrome” Error

Published: March 03, 2020

Netflix Error on Chrome has been around for some time. Here is how you fix them:

  1. Clear Chrome Cache
  2. Try Incognito Mode
  3. Disable Extensions
  4. Switch To Another Profile

Netflix Not Working on Chrome

Over the years, Netflix has become the go-to option for satisfying user’s online video streaming needs. However, with over 140 million users logging in, it is only fair for the service to undergo a couple of issues here and there. Just recently, a new error has come to light, one which completely restricts access to the service. We are talking about the “Netflix Not Working on Chrome” Error.

So, if you have recently become a victim to this Netflix error and are looking for a way out, then you have come to the right place. Here we have for you a list of fixes and workarounds which will help you deal with such an issue.

What is the “Netflix Not Working on Chrome” Error?

A new error called the “Netflix Not Working on Chrome” Error is making its round across the community. However, as the error name suggests, it is only affecting those who are using the Google Chrome internet browser.

Now, what this error does is the same as any other Netflix error, it restricts the user from using logging in. So, if you are using Google Chrome, and you come across this error, you will not be able to access Netflix or any of its services until you get it fixed. However, before we tell you how you can do that, it is important you understand what is causing you to face such an issue.

What Are the Causes Behind the “Netflix Not Working on Chrome” Error?

As stated in the name, this error only affects those that are using Google’s internet browser. However, since Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, quite a big chunk of the Netflix community is being affected by this error which has left them unable to watch their favorite shows and movies.

Now since Google Chrome offers its users several customizations which they can apply to its browser, some of these conflict with Netflix. This causes this error to show up when trying to log in. However, this is just one of the causes, for more information, check out the complete list down below:

  • Bad cache data
  • Corrupted files
  • Extensions conflict
  • Profile problems

How to Fix the “Netflix Not Working on Chrome” Error?

Now that you have an idea of what this Netflix Error on Chrome does and what are the causes behind it, it is now time for the fix. So, if you wish to resolve Netflix Error on Chrome, then check out the list mentioned below:

Solution 1: Clear Chrome Cache

Like the Netflix Error Code UI-113 Error, the “Netflix Not Working on Chrome” error also has something to do with the browser’s cache. Clearing or cleaning these cached files helps you get rid of such issues. To do, all you have to do is head over to the settings and look out for the option that reads “Clear cache.” Run the cleaning service, and hopefully, this issue will be fixed for you.

Solution 2: Try Incognito Mode

If the clearing cache option did not work for you, you could try switching over to the Incognito mode. In some cases, this help users get resolve the Netflix error on Chrome. However, if you are facing issues running Netflix while in incognito mode, you can check out our guide here for more information.

Solution 3: Disable Extensions

There are several different Google Chrome Extensions which might conflict with Netflix’s services. So, if you are still coming across the same error, even after applying the solutions mentioned above, then you can try disabling your extensions. There is a high chance that this change can help you get rid of the error once and for all.

Solution 4: Switch Profiles

We have seen so many cases where corrupted Google Chrome profiles have resulted in users to face similar errors on Netflix. As a result, you can try logging in to Netflix through a different profile. If it runs without any problem, then your profile is the cause. To fix it, you can create a brand new profile and start fresh but remember to disable the Sync option before doing so.

Solution 5: Switch to another browser or the Netflix App

If none of the above-mentioned fixes worked for you, then don’t lose heart. Remember you can always switch to another browser, or better yet, try out the all-new Netflix app on windows. Though you will not be able to watch Netflix on Chrome, but at least you can still log in and watch your favorite shows and movies. That’s all that matters.