How to Change Wi-Fi from Public to Private on Windows 10

  • Tap on the WiFi icon on the bottom right of your desktop.
  • Select Properties from under your network name.
  • Below Network Profiles, you can choose your preference.
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When you establish a connection with a new or unknown network in windows 10, the operating system, by default, sets it as public. This depicts that windows offer maximum security features from other devices on the same network because it regards the network as untrusted.

Therefore, your windows device isn’t visible across the network to others, and cannot transfer files and printers with that network. However, you might want to consider switching the network profile to private. People wondering how to change public network to private can continue reading forward with the article.

Important note: For this method to work, you have to be signed onto a user account that has administrator rights. The process of changing public network to private is slightly different through changing network locations. The changing process can be done wirelessly or through an Ethernet connection. In this article, we will cover both situations, each in a separate section.

How to change windows 10 network to private, when connected to Wi-Fi?

Any device you use that has windows 10 installed, and you are connected through a wireless connection, first tap on the Wi-Fi icon in the notification section. Then tap the properties link below the name of your Wi-Fi you are connected to. This will prompt you to the settings menu where you can all settings integrated into your Wi-Fi network.

In the network profile section, click the private radio button, and the network location is not modified. Similarly, if you want to change the network from public to private, you can do the same process as aforementioned above. Now you can close the windows settings menu, and the change is automatically made in the system.

How to change windows 10 network to private, when connected through an Ethernet cable?

The procedure is slightly different when connected through an Ethernet cable. Firstly, click the network icon in the notification area of your taskbar (usually located at the extreme bottom right of the screen). Secondly, click the name of the network you are connected to.

The settings window is displayed, with the configurations for your Ethernet adapter. Tap again on the same network. You will be presented with a list of settings. In the Network profile section, simply tap on the private button and this should change your Ethernet settings to private. The same is the process vice versa if you decide to opt for the opposite choice. Close the settings window; consequently, changes are automatically applied to your active network connection.

How to change the windows 10 network using the settings app?

The methods described above are the fastest. However, there is another way to change from public to private network. In windows 10, open the settings application and direct to network and internet. Then, if you use a wireless connection, click on the active profile you are connected to, and commence with the windows 10 change network type to private.

Similar is the case with switching back to a public network. If you use a cable connection click on the Ethernet adapter icon in your taskbar and repeat the same process.

How to change the windows 10 network using the command prompt or PowerShell?

The windows 10 change network type can be achieved by some technical fanatics who love to work on the PowerShell or also known command prompt. Simply search for the command prompt in the search bar by typing it, and right-clicking it to run as administrator. After the command prompt is launched, run the command “get –NetConnectionProfile” and this should list your active network attributes. Look at the Name field and memorize its value.

It is the name Windows has given to you during setting your Wi-Fi. Also, in the network category attribute, you can see your network connection profile, by default set to public. Now, type the command “Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name “NetworkName” –Network Category Private”.

Change the network name with the value of the name field displayed when executing the previous command. Finally, to ensure the settings have been saved to enter the command Get –NetConnectionProfile and see the output below. The Network category attribute should now have a different value.