How to find your Wi-Fi password on windows 10

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It can prove to be a very daunting task when trying to remember your Wi-Fi password especially when there is some important work to be done. However, it’s very simple to find your windows 10 Wi-Fi password in 5 simple steps as stated below:

  • On your Windows system select the start button and navigate to Settings and head of to the Network and Internet tab. You will then move forward to the status tab and finally to the Network and Sharing Center.
  • On a Windows 8.1 or 7 system, search for Network and, then press the Network and Sharing Center from the displayed results.
  • In the Network and Sharing Center, you will find the Connections tab where you will have the option to select the Wi-Fi network name.
  • In Wi-Fi status, select Properties and choose the Security tab option
  • In Wi-Fi status, select Properties and choose the Security tab option

If you are searching for a Wi-Fi network that is out of bounds, you’ll have to use windows 10 command prompt to find Wi-Fi password windows 10 and is quite simple by just the execution of a single command.

  • Execute the command prompt on your Windows 10 machine
  • Then type the following command: "netsh WLAN show profile"

The command stated above will display all the Wi-Fi networks that you were ever connected to. To decrypt the password of any Wi-Fi profile, simply type the following command and substitute the network name with the Wi-Fi network you want to look for. The command is depicted as follows:

  • Netsh WLAN show profile “Network name” key=clear.

Your Wi-Fi password will be revealed in key content under security settings. Concluding, the above are the relevant steps, defining how to find a Wi-Fi password on windows 10.