A VPN that helps you bypass network censorship

PureVPN comes with the most advanced technologies to help you bypass VPN restriction, through its advanced features like

  • Domain fronting features
  • Obfuscated servers
  • Multiport technology
  • Trusted by:

With its new 20Gbps server speed upgrades, PureVPN is now 100 percent ready to operate in a 5G world where faster internet speeds have become the norm.

PureVPN is leading the way when it comes to transparency regarding its operations. It’s the only VPN with always-on audit, meaning one of the big four security audit firms KPMG can audit PureVPN anytime without any prior notice.

PureVPN has a large collection of VPN servers across the world, offering some of the best geographic diversity we’ve seen.

PureVPN delivers a smartly designed package that mostly succeeds in delivering security and privacy.

PureVPN lets you protect yourself against hackers and snoops, surf in total anonymity, access restricted content, and communicate securely.

Experience True Online Freedom

Tired of internet restrictions by ISP or facing trouble connecting to a VPN? Worried about your desired port blockage in your region? Or is your intended website’s domain blocked?

Make use of advanced features that help you get around online barriers. With Obfuscated servers , Multiport, and Domain fronting, enjoy your digital space as you browse social media platforms, watch your favorite content online, and connect to a world without roadblocks or firewalls and experience true online freedom.

What is Domain fronting?

There are regions where many VPN providers remain inaccessible because their domains are blocked by ISPs, preventing users from using the VPN and accessing the internet freely. PureVPN’s Domain Fronting feature helps you connect to a VPN with an alternate domain address that is not blocked by ISP and lets you bypass online censorship easily.

Utilizing domain fronting technology, you can get around restrictions by changing the website’s domain name, enabling you to get access to your favorite content on the internet.

What are Obfuscated servers?

Obfuscated servers are customized VPN servers that conceal the usage of a VPN. They enable users to get around limitations and get internet access even on highly restricted networks.

Your ISP cannot track your internet activity when you connect to a VPN server but based on how your data looks: some ISPs can detect if you are using a VPN client. However, obfuscated servers operate by establishing a tunnel that scrambles all data making it look like a regular data packet. Therefore, tools used to block VPN traffic let it pass and without manual inspection of your data packets ISP’s cannot tell that you are using a VPN.

What is Multiport?

Multiport is a feature that automatically detects blocked ports and switches to the best open port available. The feature is very useful for accessing websites and services that are blocked by your ISP.

Manually diagnosing blocked ports and changing to available ports can be technical for users. In other cases, the network settings may be impossible to modify, which makes users unable to access the desired content and services. The Multiport feature by PureVPN lets you auto-switch to the best alternative ports available.

PureVPN also offers Port Forwarding. With our robust Port Forwarding add-on, you can conveniently open ports unavailable at your home, work, school, or public network and can connect with ports of your choice from anywhere in the world.

Be Resilient on all popular devices platforms and servers

Global network with optimized VPN servers

  • 78+Countries
  • 96+Locations
  • 6500+VPN Servers

Features that made 3 million+ people choose us over others

10 Multi Logins

We support 10 multi-logins to make sure that your entire family remains protected.

256bit AES Encryption

Your data is protected with highest-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

Internet Kill switch

Ensure your privacy remains intact when VPN connection drops.

Dedicated IP

Have a personal IP just for yourself maximizing your security over the internet.

No-Log Policy

PureVPN does not and will never keep logs. What you do online should only stay with you.

6500+ Servers

A network spanning across the globe optimized for unparallel performance.

Split Tunneling

Route your internet traffic between PureVPN and ISP Connection.

Port Forwarding

The Port-Forwarding add-on helps you access your device or a service from anywhere in the world securely.