Dunkin Donuts Free Wi-Fi and How to Log into it

Dunkin Donuts is known to offer the fastest wifi connection when compared to its’ competitors. There is no doubt that they offer incredible donuts, attracting many worldwide. The availability of a free wifi connection, however, gives their customers an incentive to stay longer, which inturn adds to more items bought boosting the sales.

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Dunkin Donuts Free WiFi

Having a blazing fast internet in the present time is one of the biggest necessities in the daily part of our lives. People now demand to be connected throughout the day whether it is for business purposes, browsing the internet, making an online purchase or just to share their life with other people on social media.

Dunkin Donuts has approximately 8,400 outlets across USA, all offering a Wi-Fi service that has internet speeds averaging 24.2 mbps.

How to login to Dunkin donuts Wi-Fi?

  • Navigate to any random web page of your choice.
  • Then, after entering any URL you will be redirected to the Dunkin donuts’ landing page where it will ask you to sign in using your DunkinNation, DunkinDonuts.comor DD Perks account.
  • Once you are logged into your DD account, you are free to use the internet.

Note: You can use the DD Mobile App if you are trying to access the Wi-Fi on your smartphone.

Dunkin donuts Wi-Fi speed

Dunkin donuts have been ranked to have the number 1 fastest Wi-Fi across all eateries. By comparing the results from other competitors such as Starbucks and Scooters Coffee, Dunkin donuts proved to deliver the highest quality Wi-Fi. We tested the Wi-Fi speed and here are the results at different coffee shops:

  • Dunkin donuts 8.11Mbps
  • Starbucks 7.67Mbps
  • Scooters coffee 7.43Mbps

Note: These results may vary across certain factors such as where the router was placed and locality.

Tip: Please refer to the Terms of Use for Dunkin’ Donuts Wi-Fi login before proceeding forward.

Test your connection speed

Note: For the most accurate results, shut off all running applications.

  • Launch your web browser and go to speed.googlefiber.net
  • It is necessary to disable popups temporarily. If you have disabled allow popups, the speed test might run automatically when you click the link.
  • If not, Click the play button to start the test.
  • The fiber tests check your download and upload speeds and display the results accordingly.